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gingivostomatitis (First Outbreak) and Herpes on Nipples

My boyfriend is having his first outbreak of HSV 1 and he has  gingivostomatitis. There are no lesions on his mouth as he started valtrex as soon as he noticed but he has canker sores on his upper gums. Today, we were just joking around and we got carried away, he sucked on one of my nipples before abruptly stopping and looking at me in horror saying he was so sorry. There were no open sores on my breasts and I know in order for the virus to be contracted, there has to be an open wound or saliva contact through kissing. I just had my first outbreak of HSV 1 and had  gingivostomatitis as well (he unfortunately got it from me when we didn't know what it was).  I immediately washed my nipple with anitbacterial soap but I'm worried that I'll wake up tomorrow to an unpleasant surprise. I also put abreva on my nipple just in case. I just finished my last dose of valtrex because I was getting the beginning of a cold sore on my lip. Is there a chance it will appear on my nipple although I already have the virus, there were no open sores/cuts/wounds, and I washed my nipple as soon as it happened?

I already have herpetic whitlow so, I know how easily transmittable this disease is :( Please, someone ease my mind. I'm really worried.
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Thank you!
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highly unlikely that you'd also contract hsv1 on your nipples at this point. I wouldn't worry about it and no more abreva there - it barely got fda approval to say it speeds heal of cold sores and it was ineffective genitally so doubtful it would do anything anyways.

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