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1.1 HSV-2 IGG Test Result - False Posibive?

My PCP called today at work to tell me I tested positive for both HSV-1 and 2.  Because I sometimes have cold sore outbreaks, I wasn't surprised but I was shocked by HSV-2 test result.  I couldn't discuss because I was at work with co-workers around and the doctor won't be available until Mon.  I was in a state of shock and freaking out. I ended up googling after work, got myself HSV-2 IgM and DNA testing.   But reading other posts and articles makes me suspect that 1) the test result may have been a false positive (HSV-2 IGG was 25.8), 2) I wasted my money on ordering IgM and DNA testing.  

To further confuse the situation, different labs range 1.1 as either a positive or an equivocal range number.  If anyone can confirm or share their HSV-2 IGG low positive story, I would greatly appreciate it.  I'm completely freaking out.
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Your post is a bit confusing. What was your igg test result.
Oops.  These are the results:

HSV-1 IGG:  25.8
HSV-2 IGG: 1.1

The last time I had unprotected sex was mid-Oct but I was with him for a few months by then.
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That's better.
With obviously having hsv1 your odds are very high you do not have hsv1. This is very common for people with hsv1. Hsv2 tests are very sensitive and crossover is common.
Even if you didn't have hsv1 your odds were very good this is a false positive. The hsv2 tests also  pickup odd proteins.
I wouldn't worry about hsv2. If you want, retest in a month or two.  All in all I would be very confident this is a false positive.
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Would it be too early to request a West Blot test on Mon, only a week after the original test?  

Also, is it possible that the low number may be indicative of recent exposure? Hence the low number of antibodies present?

I'm in the early phase of a long distance relationship and I'll be seeing the same guy I had unprotected sex with in Oct in a few weeks. I would want to inform him ASAP if I have HSV-2 so that he can get tested himself (and decide if he still wants to continue seeing me).
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I understand completely. The western blot really should be done 16 weeks after last exposure. You can take another igg bloodtest. If it comes back negative then you are good to go.
To answer your question about if your starting to build antibodies with a low positive. Yes. It is possible. That being said I have been on this forum a while and the vast majority of people in your situation (having a very low positive with hsv1) are negative. I suspect strongly you are as well.
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I will meet with my doc on Mon and request the Western Blot to be sure.  I will request another one next year to confirm and post updates.  The past few days have been quite draining emotionally and I found much needed solace in reading people with a similar experience.  
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There are many with the same issue. Like I said. I would bet the farm on you are truly negative for hsv2. Good luck and keep me posted please.
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