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1.1 blood test

I recently went to the doctor for my annual pap and I was experiencing more discharge than normal.  The pap cam back normal and the doctor gave me Clindisse for a possible bacterial infection.  The medication worked however the results of the bacterial test were negative.

The doctor asked if i wanted to do other STD testing so I said fine.  I had a new sex partner about 2 months ago, but was not experiencing any symptoms, lesions, etc.  She informed me that my blood test came back equivocal..1.1 for the herpes virus and said that I may have been exposed.  She wants me to come back in 2 months to take another blood test to be sure.

What does this mean?  Do I have herpes?  I know it is indeterminable but what could cause it to be a 1.1 reading if its not herpes?  Could the reading just be picking up a cold sore fromt eh past or something more serious...like definitely genital herpes? What do I do the for the next two months???  I am scared to kiss or have sex with anyone now until I know?  Please help...thanks!
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1.1 is just exactly + for hsv2.  Since you last had sex 2 months ago though you need to wait to repeat the blood test at the 4 month post possible exposure mark. Any possibility of getting your last partner tested and seeing their results?

so what do you do for the next 2 months? Well you inform any partners that you have some borderline hsv2 test results that you are pursuing and you aren' t sure of your herpes status.  

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So what are the chances of me getting re-tested and it coming back clearly negative?  I am trying to prepare myself...I think I am literally making myself sick about this so the symptoms I am feeling now I am not sure if they are real or imaginary or due to stress!  I am thinking about going to a planned parenthood to get another test...waiting two months is absoliutely going to kill me...
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I am working on getting my partner tested but it is a long shot...also, I performed oral sex...would I typically start to see oral outbreaks before genital?  Although my doctor told me it was for type 2...I am assuming  that type 1 is just a given now-is this correct?  I am not sure what test my doctor ran specifically but she told me the results reflected type 2.  Like I said, I am freaking myself out and what I would normally attribute to wisdom teeth coming in or irrations from my retainer...I am now thinking it is herpes.  My gums are a little sore and there is a little white dot on the inside of my cheek.  It does not hurt ot burn or anything...normally i would get these by biting my inner cheek or something...are these signs of an outbreak now?  Ahhh...any help on both posts would be great...thanks!
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I am in the same boat as you. I just got my test back today and the Dr said i was exposed at some time to HSV. Which one I don't know because the lab didn't say. So my Dr is asking themt o retest and tell him which one. I havn't had any syptoms till maybe a month a go when I got sick and had a coldsore show up. Since i had unprotected sex with a girl i was dating a few months back and I found out later she had a questionable past I got tested. So now I am waiting to hear back from my Dr and to find out what my next step is I am stressing out because I had sex with my best friend whom I am in love with. Once she finds out i may have exposed her I am sure that she will drop me like a hot plate. So your not alone Eva.
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There are some great blood tests there that are very accurate and type specific! Outbreaks need not even be present in order for these tests to work! I get tested regularly for EVERYTHING every 6 months, and I ask for the Herpeselect 1 & 2 IgG tests. The test looks for anti-bodies in your bloodstream for both virus types. So, enough of those anti-bodies are found...the blood test can tell you, and will be able to tell you which virus type they're for (1 or 2). Also, BioKit (only for HSV-2) and Western Blot are really reliable.

I've read here on the board that most people will sero-convert in 2-3 weeks after possible exposure (meaning they start to produce anti-bodies), and most herpes blood tests are considered conclusive at the 3-4 month mark :)

Also, don't micro-diagnose yourself! I'm guilty of doing it when I'm scared about an STD or illness...but don't stress yourself out! Let your doctor look at your symptoms and give you a professional opinion!

Just continue to be patient and to talk to your doctor! You can ask specifically for these tests and tell your doctor you want to have a "type specific" test taken! Also, the best way to sit down and have the talk with your significant other about this is just to be honest about the way you feel and about your current situation :)

There are PLENTY of people out there in wonderful relationships & marriages who have herpes! Herpes isn't the end of the world :)
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I appreciate all the feedback and I know it is hard to talk about the odds or chances...but if after 6-7 weeks from a sexual encounter,  I am 1.1...what are my chances of that actually going negative in another two months?  I feel like I am just approaching the absolute positive mark, is this the case?

My thoughts are that the encounter is what is doing this and its just a matter of time before this swings completely positive...any chance out there!?!  This is all just a little much...I went in for a pretty routine check up and this is what I came out with...definitely not expected and traumatic to say the least.

Like I said, I appreciate all the feedback and advice, but to me...herpes is the end of the world---i dont like living knowing or not knowing int his case that I cant kiss a loved one whenever I want...not to mention what "not tonite honey, I might be contagious" will do to a sex life...im sorry im rambling...i just dont know what to do and feel utterly and completely helpess...
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I know it's hard being in that waiting period where you have to see how your body is reacting to what could or could not be Herpes (or any other illness/condition you might come across). I've read some posts where people have done a blood test BEFORE the 4 month conclusive mark testing positive...only to retest after the 4 month conclusive mark to receive a negative. Sometimes test results will tell you whether or not you have been exposed, and not whether or not you have become infected.

I know it's going to be hard to wait...but retest again at 4 months post likely exposure and see what the results are then. Also, make sure you ask for a "type specific" test so that you know FOR SURE what type of herpes you have IF you even show a positive result.

Also, there are going to be times in EVERYONE's life where we have to put what we want to do on hold. You don't kiss your loved ones when you have a really bad cold, most women hold off sex while they menstruate...there are a lot of reasons why people hold off things like that!

You're not rambling at all, your feelings are valid :)
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Chances are good that you are negative unless your partner actually has hsv2 and you recently contracted it. I know it's way easier said than done but try to relax about all this. you are driving yourself crazy over it!!!

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is it possible to have an oral outbreak before genital?  Because I performed oral sex as well, I feel like I am having all the signs of oral herpes but so far no genital.  Do they typically come at the same time...does oral usually come first?

I am not sure what is going on but I have a couple little white/clear dots in my mouth...one on the side of my gums, and one in the back of my mouth on my inner cheek at each side.  I believe my lymphnodes to be swollen as well.  It only hurts when I brush...almost like my gums are just really sensitive.  Is this herpes?  

Also, I am getting another blood test tomorrow...my concern is that I dont want to have my initial outbreak over Xmas as I will be surrounded by family and im sure you can imagine what an inopportune time that would be.  If my blood reading goes up (is it at a 1.1 right now) i want to ask for some treatment.  Will this treatment lower my chances of an outbreak right away,.,,or do people NEED to have an intial outbreak?

Thanks again for your help....
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the best thing to do is to see your doctor and show your new symptoms instead of a blood test to be honest.

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