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13 days since contact....

13 days ago had sex with an hsv2 infected girl and all though I've had no symptoms other than a 24 hours flu that was going around which only lasted 1 day I think I'm OK ps I work outside all day where it's cold and windy etc. Anyway last night I was scratching my but and noticed a few bumps kinda appeared as I was scratching I took a picture of it and kinda resembled herpes... they didn't hurt or burn or itch or nothing was just red from the scratching and of course I was freaking out and then started to think every itch or sharp pain or sore muscle was herpes.... anyway when I woke up this morning the bumps were gone leaving no trace.. wtf do I have herpes or not. Also question when u do get the burning or tingling in the area it's about to show up will your muscle in that area also be sore? So many things ******* with me as I have a physical job and I also go to the gym... also I shaved a few days ago to keep a better eye on my area which also itches and pokes.... losing my ******* mind here... please respond ASAP.
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Can u please give me ur Yoda like advice also the link I posted is a pic of my but when the bumps were there
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Quick advice slash opinion.
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