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13 months hsv2 igg herpes select test negative

I have been having protected sex with my girl in fear I may be infected but finally tought I was in the clear and a week after unprotected sex with her she gets sick...did I potentially infect her?? Keep in mind I have leg nerve pain for about a year now but no outbreak test was done through Labcorp
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Well I've been doing a lot of reading, and have read that unless the virus is active/ shedding  is the only time, blood test will pick it up. Since it hides in your nerve system. So your probably asymptomatic. The best thing now is for her to either have a break out or wait the 3 months to get tested.
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I've tested several times for this disease at 4 weeks 8 weeks 13 weeks 7 months and 13 months is it possible I can never be positive but still carry the virus wouldn't I at least get a low reading of something at some point?
Well do you know for a fact that you got exposed to it?? And I guess the best way to know is if your gf gets it now. Does she know there is a chance of her getting this?
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