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2 clear painless blisters

I'm a 19 year old female. Recently I've had unprotected sex which I regret and I don't know anything about the guy. 3 or four days later a noticed 2 distinct blisters on my stomach by my belly button as big as a large pimple would be. They are painless, I popped one thinking it was just a pimple but a clear liquid came out. I know a little about herpes but I know there are exceptions and plan to get tested, but are the blisters I describe typical of herpes simplex 1 or 2 ?
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Your belly button is outside the genital area nerve system. There is much thicker skin there which makes it harder to become infected with HSV.

There are conditions that produce blister looking lesions, which includes but not limited to HSV. A swab on the sores straight away is a great idea.

Herpetic blisters will often have more than one bubble on the same red base, but not always.

An example of an alternative possibility is molluscum, a contagious skin virus common in sexually active people. This will often form neat round clear filled blisters, a little more 'warty' looking.

As the sex was unprotected, how about you follow up with a full STD panel and herpes testing at the appropriate time frames. 12 weeks is a good compromise for a lot of the STDs.

Please, condoms on at all times until you are in a monogamous tested relationship.
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The popped blister has scabbed while the other appears to have receded, however If I look hard it appears to have a figure 8 shape suggesting maybe another lesion I didn't notice but again hard to tell; also still painless. The popped blister also isn't weeping which I think is a good sign. Thank you for the information, testing is in my future of course but ant other coments are appreciated!
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Hi also, as fleetwood suggested, your breakout zone is outside the "boxer short" area and suggests it not herpes related.
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Thank you, again testing is going to happen but just looking for information!
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