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2 red dots on penis, one on head and the side.

Hello, 2 days ago being stupid I engaged in unprotected oral sex and yesterday I did the same thing. Now I have two red dots with no white heads. I have been researching all around for someone with the same problem but no luck. please help and give me some advice.
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It's a bit early for an hsv outbreak.
That being said if your partner had no visable cold sore your chances of hsv1 are so very very small. I mean almost winning the lottery small.
Can you describe the dots? Hsv lesions start out as small red bumps or bump then within a day or so progress to s fluid filled blister type sore that pops and the starts to heal. When it pops it's liquid filled not like a pimple . They are usually painful. So if your bumps do not progress like what I have described chances are its not hsv.
Also the initial outbreak usually has flu like symptoms as well. Aches, fever and swollen lymph nodes.

You can ask your partner if they have ever had cold sores.
But all in all time frame and odds, I would say I doubt very much it's hsv.
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Thanks for the reply. The dot on the head is purplely red and not painful. I didn't know either of my partners and it didn't look like they have a cold sore. The dot on the side is straight up red and not painful.
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Just keep an eye on it. If they progress like I said then go get them swabed. If they stay the same you might have a dermatologist take a look. Again I think it's to early for this to be hsv And Iit'srare to get this from a one time exposure.  Hsv usually takes 5-10 days or so for the first outbreak
Which one should I be more concerned with the dot on the side or head
Neither are more concerning than the others. Just keep an eye on any changes and again you just might have them looked at by your Dr. Just to be safe and probably give you peace of mind
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