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2 small irritation bumps..herpes?

I naired my vagina lips yesterday, and then noticed a very small pink bump near just above my vaginal open on the interior lip. I freaked out as I am always scared of herpes. Then I found another very very small bump towards to top of my vagina on the same side as the first bump, also on the interior labia area. The 2nd bump almost looks like I nicked myself shaving, but I haven't shaved. Could this be herpes?  Do herpes always cluster. They are so small that I am having a hard time really seeing if they are blisters, above vs below the skin etc. I can't imagine them being ingrown hairs as I don't have hair on the labia part. I am so freaked out!
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You should never use nair on your labia! It is a harsh chemical and no doubt will cause a chemical burn there. I just looked at the product online and it states DO NOT use on vaginal/genital area. Be seen by your medical provider for a proper exam at this point if concerned.
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I know, I of course didn't bother reading the warnings and just used it. Stupid I know. I will warmly welcome a chemical burn that this point over herpes. My hair was pretty thick before I Naired so I don't know if the bumps were there before and I didn't notice. They do slightly itch.
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Being seen at this point is the best you can do.
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