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3 months since exposure, no lesions, constant prodrome symptoms, is this herpes?

3 months ago to the day I was with a new partner. 4 days later tingling sensations started and for the next 3 months, daily ive been having tingling, burning and pinching sensations in my genital area/inner thigh. There have been no lesions or redness. I probably check myself at least 5 times a day. All of these sensations im feeling sound like what people describe as prodrome, but also I read that prodrome doesnt last this long.
Finally went to the OBGYN Monday who has tested me for all STD's..I wont get results for another couple of weeks but her first reaction is that this is not herpes but more Vulvodynia as she feels I would have had lesions by now. But Ive read there are many people infected who dont have lesions. Also I find it odd that all of a sudden I start having all these tingling/burning/pinching sensations after sex with a new partner. ( did not see any physical signs on him. Looking back his lips were chapped the next day and did he did perform oral, but it didnt look anything like a cold sore)
Fast forward 5 weeks, still with same person and now my lips start to feel tingly and i feel tingles in my cheek. a red spot developed right at my lip line and i paniced and purchased Abreva and put it on and nothing ever happened. I dont know if the red spot would have developed into something but I sure didnt want to give it a chance to find out. About a week later i feel the same tingly nerve pain in my cheek up towards my eye while at work. Now my eye is having occasional discharge, albiet a very small amount, and occasional bouts of burning on the skin around the eyes..but to look at the skin around my eye it looks normal. At one point a small red patch developed in the outside corner of my eye where it was burning but went away in a day..also the membrane ( or whatever you call it) which is in the inside corner of this same eye is visibly swollen compared to the other eye, but no discomfort, sensitivity to light or pain in my eye itself, just the burning feeling in the skin on the side of the eye and the discharge.
With all of this going on, I do fear I have contracted genital and now oral herpes that has also spread to my eye.
I do not know the other persons history.
I would love to think all of this is simply Vulvodynia and the lip and eye things are just other irritations/stress as I am certainly stressed over whats been going on. For the past 3 months ive been convinced I have herpes, been under extreme stress, lost a lot of weight and have had a lot of anxiety. I know the body can do a lot of things to itself but at the times I felt these lip/eye things I wasnt thinking about herpes or anxious.
Also the prodrome feelings are almost constant for 3 months. I get relief maybe 2 hours a day, if that, and when i lie down in bed. I think in the past 3 months I have had 4 days where I didnt feel much...the emotional toll has been awful.....
sorry so long, but my question is, is this herpes?  I know ill have the results in about 2 weeks, but im trying to figure this all out. If it was just isolated to my genitals I could see vulvodynida, but these lip tingles/red spots ( no history of ever) and eye burning/discharge makes me think its all related.

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*edit: Not to Grace but rather scaredbutstrong.

Also, I have a chronic sinus infection and have had health problems which could be seen as candida. These could be to blame but I've had these problems for awhile and the symptoms of tingling and eye problems seem out of place. Anyways, try to stay calm... as best you can. Waiting for test results is the worst. I've done it quite a number of times for a number of problems.

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herpes would not cause you to have tingling like this for this long.  Even without treatment symptoms would've went away on their own.

has your partner had full std testing that included herpes testing?  

did they test you for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally when you were seen?

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No idea about my partner, we have since broke up and i havent ask him at this point. My doctor did not mention she saw yeast or anything else when she examined me. However during this 3 months I self treated myself for two yeast infections with Diflucan with no changes.
A month after symptoms started, i started having lower abdomal pain and bloating so I went to my primary care where I was tested for a UTI and tubal pregnancy, all negative. They took blood and saw my white blood cell count was high and wanted me to get an ultrasound but I asked them to check my blood for other STD's. the doc refused and insisted I get an ultrasound. I followed up with my doc the next morning who checked me again and didnt see a need for an ultrasound and tested my urine for std's but and checked my blood for organ functions which came out ok, but white bood cell count was still high. did not test for herpes. Urine std tests came back negative. Clymadia and Ghonarria negative. My OBGYN is retesting as well as for all other with blood as well.
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Sorry, I belive yes, my doc is testing for everything, she took swabs and blood
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continue to follow up with your gyn at this point.  really no reason to think herpes as a cause.
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Thanks Grace. What do you make of the lip tingles/eyeburning discharge. Id love to belive this is Vulvodyina but the other symptoms are starting to make me feel like i was infected gentialy and orally and now has spread to my eye..ugh!
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Hi Grace, I've had a very similar experience including the eye issues and the tinging in cheeks groin etc. I was tested and everything came back negative but I'm not sure if I was tested long enough after the time I would have contracted the virus. I also had would could be called a lesion on my face but it was in no way painful.

The tingling in my groin has stopped and I get occasional tingling in the cheeks but its rare. My eye problem waxes and wanes but doesn't seem to want to leave. It also doesn't seem to have any discernable aggravators.  Anyways, just thought I'd share. I'm going to get tested again this week and also am going to an ophthalmologist to get my eye looked at. I'll let you know what I find out. I hope you fare well.

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thanks  fransisl, when did you get tested? i was tested at 3 months..still waiting for results?
its puzzling that all this started after sex with a new person, then the lip tingles weeks later  followed by the eye...my eye doesnt read like herpes symptoms but I dont get why else its burning and having discharge...I dont have allergies ( been tested) but I do have a history of sinus infections, although I havent had one since all this started...
please keep me posted as I will you. I hope and pray I come back negative.
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Dear Scared, I understand what you are going thru. 2 days after my encounter(3 months ago) I started with redness, irritation and burning. Went to doctor  , no sign of herpes and did std std test and cultures for bacteria and yeast, all negative. Since then have had 3 herpes blood tests and at 6 weeks another set of std std's all negative. It was beginning of Jan , went to another doctor, they did more cultures and found bacteria. As of now 3 BV infections, cannot get rid of and still worried I could have herpes. As I found out, my partner ( one time only) was positive for HSV2 and never knew. I will get another test in a few weeks to be sure. I wish you luck!
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Hi. Well the doc called and my results came back negative for both HSV 1 and 2 at 3 months. I askedfor the IGG numbers and she said that there were absolutley no antiboties present so therefore no numbers were given, otherwise they would have got a number back from the lab.  Grace does this sound right to you? At 3 months what is the possibility of a false negative?  Thank you
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Hello, well i got my results back today. I came back negative for both hsv 1 and hsv 2. I asked for my igg numbers and she said there were none given because they were so negative there was nothing to report. So this was an igg test done at 3 months and 3 days post initial potential exposure.  Grace does this sound right to you?  Should i re test at 4 months?  Im going on friday to discuss vulvodynia treatment as i still have pinches/burning.  Youd think id be relieved right now but i cant help but feel this is a false negative....your thoughts would be appreciated Grace, thank you.
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Congratulations, I am happy you were negative. From all I have read ( which is a lot) you should feel confident with the results. You are not even sure your partner has herpes. Wish me luck, I have another week or two yet to get final test. I don't think I will be able to eat waiting for the results.
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Thanks, i know i should be happy, but when i keep feeling all these physical symptoms its hard...i hope your tests come out negative too....these last 3 months have been hell for me. Ive lost a lot of weight that i couldnt afford to lose and its been worse because everyone has noticed and asked me whats wrong and ive been pretending all is ok and it wasnt...im going to talk to by doc about getting retested at 4 months just to make sure when i see her friday.....thoughts and prayers to you
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I have had all the same issues. Face numb, burning of the eyes and discharge. I too just tested negitive after 4 months.  I kissed someone and had this issue.

What do you think. Could this be herpes. I tend to think its all in our minds
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I still have the same issues with my eye. its been 10 months...
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Its so weird isnt it? I think stress and anxiety can really do a number to our bodies. I know ive hard that anxiety can make people feel certain things that arent there and even break out in rashes and other things, but I never thought I was THAT anxious of a person. Although I must say the pat 3 months I can safey say have been the most stressful of my life and I went through a very bad divorce!!  so maybe all this reading and waiting for tests really doest a number to a phyche (sp?)
I feel for all of you who are having these issues....these are tough times in our lives for sure. I pray for all of you that you continue to come back negative and we learn from these experiences. Im making all future partners take blood tests!!!!!
Unionhockey, have you gone to an eye doctor, apparently they can put these drops in your eye and look at your eye under a scope to see if the virus is present...I was going to go, still might, not sure if occular herpes shows up as HSV 1 in blood????
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I understand how you feel. I would probably get retested if I were you too. This will be my 4th test but I did the others too early. I have myself sick like you do, I am to the point where I don't want to get out if bed. If we would have it we would have to learn to live with it like the others, no choice. I have had HSV1 since childhood, that is not that big of a deal, fever blisters once a year, I have lived with that but like I said probably had for 35 years now. Try to be strong. Let me know how you make out. Thoughts are with you...
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I have been to the eye doctors 4 times. All say no herpes... One is treating me for dry eye, but my eye was fine before I kissed that girl.  This whole thing is weired.

Heres my whole story.

2 years ago i went to a massage parlar and got a happy ending hand job. I tell you only a hand job with the full body massage. A few weeks later I feel burning down below but no real signs of blister or OB. I get tested 4 weeks out and test is negitive. All DR and experts say you cant get Herpes from Hand job so don,t worry. I go on for a year fine no OB below the belt. I start to have OB in my month, but i think I always had them, so DR says why don,t I test you for Herpes. She did and Herpes 2 comes out positive. I did not think it would come out positive for 2.
Even with the HSV 2 positive I thought I was ok as i did not have any OB I was fine.

6 months ago I meet a girl and kiss her. Right from the start I was worried about herpes. I kept checking my month for sores. Well a few weeks later my face, checks and around my eye go numb. I also get two to three sores in mouth not together. The sores hurt in my month. The numbness goes way, but not my eye pain, burning realy never goes away. For months out from kissing the girl, I go to a neroligist and he test me for IGG combine Hepres 1/2 and the test and it comes out negitive. The DR said you do not have herpes, and herpes is mostly outside the mouth etc, so it's not herpes related. He also did so many other test, including an MRI of brain. I forgot to tell you, that I also got a few sinus infections which I never get.

Over all I feel ok execept my eye still has this weird feeling all the time, with some burning from time to time. I also have a headach everyday when I wake up. If feels like I got hit by a truck every morning when I wake up. I now take avil every day for the headacks.

Not sure what to do except to hope it all goes away. This April will be one year from when I kiss the girl, and June two years from the hand job.

What do you think?
So wait you tested positive a year later and then negative  6 months ago??
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You're not going to get herpes from a hand job and you could already have HSV-1 orally, which would make you immune from getting it in the future 56-90% of adults have it, and most get it as babies from a kiss from a relative. Only about a quarter of those with HSV-1 get symptoms other than the initial OB.

You don't have genital herpes, so stop worrying.
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Why the positive test for Herpes 2 then a negitive test then??? again only a hand job..
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you need to be asking about your own issues in your own post, not hijacking this post with them. thanks!

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no real reason to think this is herpes. continue to follow up regularly with your providers.
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I also have never heard of herpes blisters inside the mouth. I have had HSV1 since I was about 10 and I always get me cold sores right outside the corner of my lip. I think something else is going on.  From what I read you can have HSV2 and never have any OB's. Good luck to you
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