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Afraid that tiny fluid filled bumps on inner lip are STD - I can't eat or sleep

I had unprotected sex with a boyfriend 8 months ago who swore to me he had been tested (they don't give paper copies where we live) and he had just come out of a long term relationship. I later found out that he might not be as trustworthy as he seemed.

Anyway a tiny fluid filled clearish bump appeared in my inner lip last week and at the same time my current boyfriend had inflammation between his gum and tooth that lasted a week. He also just came out of a long term relationship so I think its more likely that I gave him something. I now have maybe 3 of these little bumps and to top it off my throat is starting to feel a little sore and swollen. Also my vagina is starting to feel crawly for lack of a better word and sometimes slightly itchy. If I had an std outbreak in my mouth would it show up with vaginal symptoms as well?

The problem is the bumps don't match anything I've found online. These bumps are all on my inner bottom lip and one is near the cheek not on the hard parts of the mouth like they say intraoral herpes usually is. They are not painful until I start to mess with them and irritate the area. They aren't in clusters and they don't pop open to form scabs but I don't know if that happens in intraoral herpes.

I was diagnosed with HPV when I was younger but all paps have come back showing no signs of it since then. I am worried that maybe it came back or I got a new strain in my mouth. But I have also heard that HPV warts are solid and fleshy - the bumps in my mouth have gooey clear fluid inside of them.  I have never had a cold sore in my life or any oral manifestations of the HPV.

All but one picture of mucoceles I've seen online are large and these bumps are really small. To the point where  you can barely notice them. Sometimes they swell a bit but not nearly as large as the pics you see online. Also do people get multiple mucoceles at once?

I am also anemic, and have baking soda pica. I recently started biting my nails again (and use public transport), and I habitually chew my inner and outer lip or chew gum. But I've always done that and I've never had this specific mouth issue before. I have extreme stress but I was more stressed a few months ago and I didn't have these.

I am in love with the new boyfriend and if I gave him something I'll be devastated. Could it be that I got herpes from a sex partner I had 8 months ago and symptoms are just starting to show? Is it maybe a milder form so the bumps don't hurt? Can HPV warts have fluid in them and suddenly show up? Could this be a different STD? I can't get tested for a few weeks and in the mean time I'm checking my mouth obsessively every 5 minutes, noticing every bit of lumpiness in my mouth and I feel like I can see all of my salivary glands - my entire bottom lip looks bumpy now. I am having severe anxiety to the point where I can't eat and stay up all night. Does anyone know what this sounds like? Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi what your describing is not an std symptom
Hi Dave. Thank you for that but is there anything else that could possibly cause bumps in the mouth if not an STD? Everything else I've searched cause ulcers in the mouth and these are definitely bumps.
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Ok I'm confused about how my topic could be moved without anyone saying anything to me. Does that mean that the moderators here at Medhelp believe my symptoms are in fact herpes? Its pretty awful to scare me in this way and say nothing.
No, they don't believe it's herpes. They move topics to best help you. I agree with Dave on this. It surely isn't hsv or any other std. Past that we can't really speculate ehat it is.
Thank you for that. It helps relax me a bit to hear it. But is the reason you think its not herpes because its only on the inner lip, they aren't painful and not clustered? Do these things always occur in Herpes?
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Ok they are actually all gone except for one area that is still slightly raised. They go away overnight with salt rinse, aspirin directly on them and listerine or ACV. That also makes me feel a little better but I'm not exactly sure how long std bumps take to go away.
This clearly isn't hsv. Takes 10 days at least for lesions to progress and heal. This is not an std of any kind
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