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Aldara or Herpes

I have a red spot on the left side of my testicle.  It's been there for more than a week.  It's grown, and I'm not entirely certain if its a blister or not.  I've experience recently itchiness in the area.  The red spot is under the size of a dime.  It's slightly raised.  Cant' see fluid underneath it.  Anyway, it's adjacent to a genital wart, I'm treating with Aldara.  I've had many partners in my lifetime... so Herpes is always a consideration.  My last encounter was two months ago on a trip...

Could an initial outreak happen 8 weeks AFTER an encounter?  How likely is it, that it is the Aldara cream itself?  I've tried to just rub the cream onto wart itself.  Why would this area react, whereas not elsewhere.. or rather DIRECTLY on wart.?
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Maybe it's a skin reaction to Aldara. But it would be best to be seen by a doctor right away and get a proper answer. Such bump could be a number of things, including herpes.
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