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Aldara side effects or herpes

My gyn put me on aldara for my gential warts, i started and within a week i discovered i had an open sore at the opening of my vagina, maybe i wasn'tas careful as i should of using it, but 2 days later this thing is painful as hell, i call my gyn and he tells me to come in, i told him i suspect is a side effect from aldara, he has a look at it and tells he he think it looks just like a herpes open sore, he sent me for a blood test for that. My gyn says that these side effects aren't alll that common but frm what i;m readin i think they r...?! so i'm confused... do i have herpes or is it just the side effect of the stupid cream.... i'm freaking out...i go back for the result on tuesday but i can't see to ease my mind ... sigh. what do u think?
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This is a common thing to be honest. The aldara is very irritating and it frequently causes sores that are misdiagnosed as being due to herpes.  I'm not sure why your gyn told you this wasn't common!

At this point waiting for your test results is the best you can do. If you have a regular partner, they too need a blood test to see what their status is. If by chance this is herpes and it's a newly acquired infection, it might not show up on the igg blood test yet.    I take it your provider erred and didn't do a lesion culture on the sore while you were there?

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