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I started using Aldara to address an issue of a large area of "pinched skin". When prescribed the Aldara, my doctor didn't make me concerned about this area as being anything unusual or not normal. A few days after using the Aldara, I began to form sores and redness in that area as well as on my genitals. A GYN said I had herpes and sent out a culture. I'm waiting for the results. However, she didn't want to discuss the possibility of the Aldara causing the reaction.

Has anyone else experienced this? Because I've never had symptoms of Herpes and the doctor scared me tremendously.
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I'm not sure why you were given aldara for pinched skin. it's a treatment for genital warts and molluscum.  

Aldara is very irritating to the genital skin. It's very common for the symptoms you've described to occur. ruling out herpes is never a bad idea but odds are it's due to the aldara. I'd get a 2nd opinion on the area you were using the aldara on and not continue using it until you get a better diagnosis than what you were evidently given the first time.

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