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Am I already having a second outbreak?

I just got my first outbreak of hsv 1 (genital) a little over two weeks ago. It completely cleared up probably 5 days ago. Today, I am starting to think I might be getting a second outbreak already. After my sores were all gone and scarred up, I decided to do a little shaving in my bikini area to make myself feel better about the appearance my vagina.....since I've been so down about it for the past couple weeks. I have always been prone to razor burn my whole life. So I want to believe that's all this is. But, I did think my primary outbreak was razor burn the first day before it got really bad. I'm having no pain while urinating, and I DEFINITELY had that the first time.

Basically I'm just confused. Can I really be already experiencing a second outbreak only 5 days after my primary outbreak cleared up? Is it probably just razor burn? Could shaving have trigger this? Especially since I have hsv 1 I heard that future outbreaks occur much less often if at all. So I'm so upset and confused as to if this is happening again so quickly. Please give me some advice!
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I doubt it but it is possible. Trauma can trigger outbreaks.
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