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Anxiety/Stress or herpes infection

Hello, I have looked at multiple answers on here some help assure me others not, so I thought I would give my exact details and see what responses I get and my need for further testing.  I am a male.  

On July 24th, I gave an unprotected blow job to another male and some ejaculate got in my mouth I tried to spit it out but not sure that I didn't swallow some.  He also gave me oral sex while also inserting a finger in my ***.  

I started feeling tingling on my penis/balls and thighs and in my mouth/toungue/lips about 2 days later.  By Thursday or Friday July 28th, I had a sore throat.  The throat is very red and mostly on my soft pallets and throat.  I went to an immediate care on Saturday July 29th who did a strep test (rapid and long) both were negative.  I told them I was scared of possible STDs they did urine tests (dirty and clean) both were negative.  But prophylaxis treatment of 1g azithromycin and.a shot of ceftriaxone   for glossitis they gave me an antifungal (difulcan).

So all this came back negative.  However my sore throat is still red with little dots on the hard pallet (note I do not have tonsils) as of August 11th.  That is 17/18 days after the oral sex.  I have not had any blisters on lips, and none in my mouth that I am aware of.  Part of my soft pallet looks like it has lines and general redness (possibly yellowing of the hard pallet? Never looked that closely at my mouth/throat).  

My penis I keep looking at over and over.  Occasionally it feel like it is tingling or burning, also get that feeling ony thighs or balls too.  

When I look with reading glasses on and under a reading lamp the skin just below the head on top of my penis can look shiny and if I look really closely I see some very tiny (like pin needle small) white spots, not many 2/3 at different locations on this skin.  Not painful to the touch.  

So in all I am wondering what is the likelihood this is herpes?  Oral and genital? It's been 18 days since initial possible infection. The throat seems like it's been red and it's very mildly sore- more just swollen for too long for a normal cold.  I have had some minor nasal discharge.  

The doctor looked at the throat and just said it's likely viral.  Doctor said my lymph nodes in my throat were not swollen.  

To my knowledge other than looking at my penis on day 5 post possible exposure they didn't screen for herpes.  

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Yes, combine your lack of any real hsv symptoms and the incredibly low odds that you were infected and i am confident your fine. Your anxiety is what you need to over come.
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Sorry to revive this but it's obviously hard to stop focusing.  The skin below the head of my penis has smooth red Skin.  It's only on that wrinkled Skin.  It's flat and not really painful (I notice occasionally when penis rubs against underwear).  May tingle a little.  But there are a few spots.  I am not sure if it's psoriasis from the anxiety, a result of an actual condition, or impact from using various antifungals and creams to try to help with the itching and tingling I felt down there.  I tried to get a dermatology appt but they are booking 3 weeks out.  

Most other symptoms have gone away or are very random (itchiness on thighs etc).  

Not sure if you have any last input into what I should do.  They seem to not be as noticeable when I use some gold Bond down there for friction.  But I don't want to use too much.  Also read things like Blantis could use hydrocortisone.

But don't want to thin the skin or cause other issues.    
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Primary outbreak is the first outbreak. This happens anywhere from 2-14 days after exposure. Most are 4-7 days after. In rare cases it can take up to 20 days. Then the virus retreats along a nerve path to lay dorment unti it comes back. The tingling is a prodrome symptom.
For a primary, the first thing you would notice is lesions forming. Then you may get flu like symptoms. Fever, swollen lymph nodes and body aches.
Yes tbe drugs should've cleared anything so sorry about that
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Thanks for your great responses.  Very reassuring.  So I should have expected a lesion by now if I were infected and it would be something hard to misinterpret it seems.  
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The odds you contracted hsv from your encounter are extremely low.
The ejaculate is meaningless for hsv.
Your symptoms do not suggest hsv at all. You keep going back to tingling, that is not a symptom of a herpes primary outbreak. You, like most people read the symptoms list without any knowledge of the virus. This leads to you having no understanding of the context of the symptoms. Tingling or crawling is a symptom of the virus making its way along a nerve path back to the surface. For a primary it's already there. Another fact is you wouldn't get "symptoms" without lesions.
All in all i am confident nothing you describe sounds remotely herpes related.
You can get your throat swabbed for bacterial std's. Not sure if they did that.
Your tingling is normal by the way. The body has tons of sensations and 99% of the time they go unnoticed because they're normal. Your hightened awareness has caused you to notice everything. Stop inspecting your genitals. If you get lesions you will not need a magnifying glass or bright light to spot them.
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Thanks, I know alot of this is anxiety from poor choice.  It helps for people to clarify the difference between primary and secondary outbreaks.  Regarding swabbing my throat, shouldn't the treatment they have me prophylacticly have cured any oral bacterial infection?
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Also can you clarify what a primary outbreak would feel like? And the timing it would likely be experienced.
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