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Anxiety or STI from receiving oral

24 days ago I made the biggest mistake of my life. I had an encounter with a high risk? girl that performed unprotected oral sex for about 4 minutes to me.
As soon as I left the location I started to panic. I searched the internet on my phone and got even more scared because I realized that i had put myself in a really bad situation. I have been in a monogamous relationship for 10 years. I am very healthy and no other medical issues.

I started to develop symptoms the next day. Not sure if caused by overwhelming anxiety/stress or from an infection. I didn't eat for 3 days. I couldn't sleep. Depression hit me extremely hard. The symptoms varied throughout the day. I would be very conscious of my penis area and I would feel everything. I had discomfort/burning/pain in the bottom of my penis (urethra) after I urinated. The bottom part of the head of my penis on the underside would feel super sensitive (I have had this feeling before several years back). Abdomen pain and back pain. Sometimes testicular pain/soreness. Also, the area between my anus and my testicles will feel uncomfortable as I sit. I have been urinating more frequent(possible due to more water intake). Stream seems to be a little less powerful but it might just be me imagining things. No discharge, no blisters.
I went to the GP clinic two days after the event and I did a urine sample (first part of the stream) and they used a strip to test the urine and the rest was sent for cultures. ( they found protein and WBC on the urine, no levels were given) They also did a swab test inside my urethra 10 minutes after I did the urine test. Full panel for blood. Three test tubes were taken.
My GP said since I had WBC and protein in my urine I must have some sort of STI and gave me a shot of rocephin and two tablets of azythromicin. I was sent home.
Waited three days and the results came back negative. The said I can continue intercourse but use protection and they want me back in three months for further testing.

During these past 8 days of the 24. I have had days where I don't have any symptoms. usually if i am distracted with work or any other activity. Yesterday was a normal day with no issues. Today i wake up fine but then i urinate and I get that burning feeling, only after I urinate and not during. then I just goes away.

I must add, there is thrush in my house hold.

questions I have:
Do my symptoms point to an STI? I am terrified of herpes.
What can I do to calm down?

Please help me...
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I forgot to mention. The results came back Negative for any STI, HIV and anything else they tested.
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your symptoms do not sound at all like herpes. have you ever been tested for herpes to know your status or do you recall ever having had an obvious cold sore?

Oral sex is not no risk for std's but it is overall very low risk. ngu is the biggest risk from  normal mouth flora not being so normal when introduced into the urogenital tract during oral sex.  you still should be abstaining from sex with your regular partner for 7 days after taking the antibiotics even though your tests came back negative.

your guilt over receiving oral sex from someone is probably the biggest issue here. of course since you've had antibiotics, you are also at risk for fungal/yeast infections in the genital area now too ( aka jock itch ) so be sure to follow up on any rashes you develop or redness with itching.  

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Thank you for your response Grace.
Your comment about the guilt is spot on. It is eating me inside. I will seek professional medical help for that.

In response to your questions, no, I have never been tested for anything besides this past time (2 days after possible exposure). My partner did about a year ago before she got pregnant. She does have vaginal gestatis?(spell check) But have not had any intercourse. And tot eh second question, I think I vaguely remember a cold sore when i was a kid, but I could totally be wrong.

I see that it's better to wait 3 moths after exposure to get re checked again. What is the best time for me to get tested again and move on with life? The thought of waiting another two months scares me. And I will have to have protected intercourse with my partner until then from fear to infect her unknowingly.

I will keep me eyes peeled for a fungal/yeast infection.

Thank you again Grace!
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vaginitis perhaps?  is that the thrush you mentioned?

your partner getting tested for std's doesn't help you at all. also typically herpes isn't tested for as part of routine pregnancy testing either.  If you have hsv1 orally ( the cause of cold sores ) then you weren't at real risk for hsv1 genitally from oral sex which is the main herpes risk from receiving oral.

I honestly wouldn't even bother with more std testing from this unless you develop more genital symptoms. the antibiotics you had covered most of what you were at risk for.  

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Thank you for your response Grace.

So even after I did the testing two days after the possible exposure you think I should not go and test any further? Due to my low risk?

Also, I woke up this morning (32 days after possible exposure) with this in my arm. (link put in here for picture. I hope it's ok) http://i45.tinypic.com/fylni8.jpg

It itched this morning for a few minutes but then it just stopped. I didn't touch it or pick at it. Doesn't look bigger or any worst than this morning. Can this be a first outbreak? in my forearm? No other symptoms anywhere. Maybe the feeling that I still have a drop of pee inside my urethra after peeing.

Thank you so much again.
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we don't look at pictures here. why not is explained in our read before posting post on the forum.

no reason to think that something on the arms is herpes. follow up with your provider if you are concerned.

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I'm in an identical situation needexperthelp. Also made a stupid mistake 28 days ago and received unprotected oral & also kissed a high risk person. I also have a stable relationship and my biggest fear is that I've ruined everything for good.

My symptoms started in a similar way to yours. After the guilt kicked in I started to feel all sorts of symptoms in my genital area. Tests for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia all negative - might've been an NGU though. Got antibiotics (trimethroprim) which might've caused a rash on my penis after day 5 on them. The rash happened 15 days after the risk encounter so you can imagine my panic. The rash went away in two days with normal over-the-counter lotions.

Naturally I panicked when I saw the rash and I was unable to see a doctor on that date to do a swab. I've consulted several doctors afterwards and they all agree it didn't seem like herpes (due to several factors, which I'll not go in detail here).

I also had some kind of viral throat infection three weeks after the incident and I panicked when it started. I was sure that it was my initial outbreak. Well, turned out to be nothing but a normal throat virus.

Now I'm symptom free but I have huge mental issues. Like you, I am depressed all the time and have no apetite. I've lost several kgs in under a month.

I took an IGG type specific test at the 3 week mark post encounter and I'll get the results tomorrow. What makes it more trickier is that I never got tested before so I don't have a baseline. I'm 32 years old and both my parents are HSV-1 positive (oral) so there is a high possibility that I have it already - even though I've never had symptoms.

So what worries me is that if I get a HSV-1 positive tomorrow, I'll have no way of knowing whether it's an old oral infection or a new oral/genital infection. If that happens, I have no idea how to go on. How will I ever be able to have sex with my wife in fear of infecting her as well.

One thing is for sure. I've learnt my lesson. If I get through this I swear I will never do something as stupid ever again.
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I feel your pain.

I am super alert of every little feeling on my body. I sure hope we are on the clear. Like you, I have learned an extremely valuable lesson.

Post your results when you get them. It will be nice to have someone else experience shared through some tough times.

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Ok just got my first results.

Negative for both HSV-1 and HSV-2.

So now I need to wait and test again at the 12 week mark and see if it stays negative.
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Hello Grace.
It has been 7 weeks since the possible exposure. I have yet to have any sores or blisters of any kind. I sometimes get some dull testicular pain and I think i am more aware of my penis now that i feel everything down there. If I get distracted I don't feel anything.

I have been at a new desk job since the possible exposure and I sit on a chair for 10+ hours a day. I used to be really active right before this new job. I am now getting some pain in my right thigh, just above my knee and also behind the knee at random times of the day. also some soreness on my biceps. Can this be a sign of HSV or am I just paranoid? It does get better if I stand up and walk.

What signs do I need to look after? I am now 7 weeks past the possible exposure. I feel as if every little thing is HSV.

Please help me.
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no reason to think these are signs of herpes.

adjust your chair so you have better position and get up to walk hourly if even for a few short minutes.  plenty of info online for proper body mechanics while sitting at a desk.
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Thank you grace.

I just worry to much because of how I have read that some people don't even notice they have HSV due to such mild symptoms. I am focussed on every little thing I feel in my body now.
My armpits feel sore sometimes now and I panic thinking is the lymph nodes.

It has been hard to just move on from this.
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You haven't had any rashes, lesion etc so I think you're fine.

You could take a blood test to calm you down.

I've had 2 "angry" looking rashes on my penis since exposure and I am totally freaking out. Just got blood drawn today for 7 week igg test. Hoping it's negative but I fear the worst.
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it's not that folks don't have symptoms of herpes, it's more so that they don't recognize the symptoms they have as being due to herpes.

really, don't be your own worse enemy about this. keep busy, keep your mind off of your body and remind yourself how low risk this is. keep rereading my first reply to you as often as needed and try to believe it :)

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Thanks again grace. I do keep reading your first post and try to calm down.
This site has truly helped me cope. All thanks to you.
Do you still stand strong on your advice to not do any further testing since I have not had any rashes or lessons?
From what I understand if I had it I for sure would have had blisters, rash or lessons by now right? All at the point of entry (penis head or shaft)
Are the lessons obvious? Or can one easily miss them?

Thank you again grace.
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Hello Grace.

I am now on week 10 and no blisters rash or any other physical signs of hsv around the boxer area. I did had a red bump in the bak of my arm tht almost looked like a pimple and when popped I had some clear/yellow liquid come out of it. It seemed weird. I do get pimples in my back sometimes.
Besides that I feel much better mentally. I do have more awareness of my boxer area I guess.

Correct me if I am wrong but wouldn't I had an out real by now?

Thank you :)
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Sorry to bother you so much Grace.
I am very thankful for all your help.
Would you be so kind and reply to my last two posts when you have a minute.

I would really appreciate it. I need support.

Thank you again.
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So I am concerned again.
Not at the almost 12 week past the possible exposure I have been feeling a soreness maybe burning sensation under my armpits. Most on my left side. I do not feel any lumps that are sore. This has been on and off for about two weeks. It gets progressively worst throughout the day but is a soreness that is tolerable and it's most noticed if I have my arms against my body.  I feel that I has been more noticeable ever since I saw a pimple like on my left upper thigh three days ago. I saw the red spot, the next day it had a white head. I popped it and it hurt for 5 minutes. Now it just has a scab on it. I really can't tell if it's a pimple or not. But I am freaking out.

1.-Can this be indicative of hsv?
2.-I never had any of these red spot in my penis, doesn't Hsv always occur at the site of infection?
3.- Can I just now start to see and experience any of these symptoms 12 weeks past possible exposure?
4.-Do hsv sores happen in singles or is it cluster of them?

The other rare thing I saw was a couple or red short lines in my scrotum. Only on the left side. The do not hurt or itch an never had any puss or liquid. It just looks red at spots and it seems that is at the folds of the scrotum.

Am I being to paranoid? I know my exposure was very very low risk but I can't help to ignore these symptoms.

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if you have symptoms you are concerned about, be seen. really nothing else we can help you with online at this point.
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Grace thank you for replying.
So this symptoms point to HSV?
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Should I ask in the Doctor forum? See what the doctors think or just go to my GP? I am just terrified to go and find the worst but then again I want to know. If that makes sense
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no point in continuing to post online whether you pay to post to doctor's or post here. you should be seen every time you have symptoms you are concerned about for a proper exam.
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thank you . appointment made at GP. will report back.
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I went to the doctor last week Monday. She said that I looked like I needed a test to make sure I was negative. She did a visual exam and nothing that will raise a concern was found. They took a blood sample and was sent to a lab.

I got a call today from my doctors office. It was te receptionist. He said that the results came back negative and that I was on the clear to continue with my normal life and to use protection in the future.

I was so relieved when I heard this. It has been a horrifying experience that it will not repeat itself.
Is it normal to feel disbelief on the negative results?

Thank you grace for all your support. I truly mean it.
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