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I have been on 2 different types of antibiotics one being ciprobay, 5 days ago I had unprotected sex, he was very we'll endowed and the intercourse was rough and hurt. There was a little bleeding when I wiped and for a day, 2 days after intercourse it was sore when I urinated. My vagina is still sore. Today I went to a gynae, he tested my urine which was clear and took swabs. He said that there is an infection and said that I have an ulcer on my cervix. He gave me meds. He said it was unlikely to have gonorea as I was on antibiotics and only finished my course today, He said to ease my anxiety I should go and have a blood test to check for STDs but that was up to me. He also said the infection could be from all the antibiotics. I am absolutely so scared now. Please help. There is no pain when I urinate anymore. There is just a dull pain on the outside of my vagina like it feels bruised. Could this be an STD or just an infection from the antibiotics? Please help
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what testing did they do when you were seen? did they swab the ulcer for herpes?

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So now I am really confused. I got my blood tests back. The swab results just say retest in 6 months. The other STDs came back negative. Next to the one for chlamidia it says Elisa IGG <5.00 negative and next to the one for herpes it says: IGM positive, then it says herpes type 1 IGG neg and type 2 IGG positive but it doesn't give any numbers. I have no symptoms though. There is no pain, fever, burning or itching AT ALL. The only thing is that the doc found small lesions on my cervix. I'm not a doc and have no idea how to read these results but from the research I have done I just wish they would have put the IGG numbers on there. Please help me, maybe I am in denial.
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