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Anxious that I might have herpes

Hi, I'm feeling very anxious about all of this and could use some advice. About 4.5 weeks ago I noticed that my vulva was a bit itchy and irritated (not severely but still noticeable). After a couple of days I started to google, which was probably a bad idea and herpes came up. I then began checking very regularly for blisters and bumps multiple times a day, likely further aggravating my vulva.

I should mention that the itch began after my period, and just over 3 weeks after a sexual encounter (the first in about a year, with a condom and no oral). I haven't found any bumps but my vulva has still be irritated for about 4.5 weeks, however it is not swollen or red. I did notice one small red dot beside my buttcrack (but I had shaved the area and gotten laser hair removal recently) that did not itch or blister or scab or hurt but once I noticed it the area felt sort of tingly. I also had a sore throat for a couple of days and a runny nose about 3 weeks in to my symptoms (but so did one of my friends I've been spending time with) and on a couple of coassions I noticed that my urethra felt a little irritated after peeing (no burning just like I still needed to pee). My legs have also felt a little achey (but have been sitting studying a lot).
I went to see my doctor recently and tested for the standard STI screen, yeast and BV, all negative and she looked and said nothing looks herpetic and that my generalized irritation, especially for that long without bumps didn't sound like herpes. I am going to see her again tomorrow. Should I get a blood test or simply believe my doctor and put it behind me?

As you can probably tell I tend to get a bit fixated. At the moment I am experiencing pretty bad anxiety and some depression over this and can't decide what to think, as I know this could be amplifying or ever creating some symptoms.  
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What you’re describing does not sound herpetic to me. I’m not a doctor, just an anonymous person on this message board but what you’re describing sounds to me like general irritation. Did you recently switch up underwear or tampons or pads or body wash? Anything that could’ve irritated the sensitive skin of the vagina? Your symptoms seem to last far too long for herpes. Without any lesions or cracks or visible irritation, I would put that pretty low on the list. Very very smart to have protected sex keep that up. As to whether not you want to test ? That is totally your call. As you probably know by now HSV is not included in the standard STD panel. Actually, most doctors recommend against it. I always think it’s a smart idea to know exactly what you’re dealing with healthwise but your mileage may vary. As for what you’re experiencing now… Have your doctor check for yeast, bacteria’s and any other organisms that might be causing these uncomfortable feelings.
Thank you for your reply, it eases my mind a bit. I haven't changed anything that I can think of lately, which is why I've been so concerned. I will ask the doctor's opinion of what else it could be tomorrow as it doesn't seem to follow the timeline of herpes, I'll admit. I can't decide if I should go for a blood test as I'm scared having oral HSV1 (I used to get cold sores as a kid but haven't had them in awhile) will potentially give me a low HSV2 positive which would freak me right out.
While an existing HSV1 infection can potentially “trip” the test and give a false positive for HSV2, it’s not the usual. If that did happen and your index falls between 1.1 - 3.5, you could always take a confirmatory test (HSV WESTERN BLOT). There is nothing that says you have to test but I wonder, would you be able to rest easy NOT getting it?
I personally think once the thought of an hsv infection enters your mind, it will be hard to shake it. The fear of the unknown, once the gate has been opened, might be worse than biting the bullet and doing it. What ever you decide, best of luck and have faith that you are doing whatever is right for you.
I'm having trouble making that decision, as I am about to leave for a few months and worry i wouldn't have time for a follow up test until I get back. From everything I read my symptoms would be very atypical, from how long it took them to show up after contact, to the absence of lesions, to the length of symptoms. It may be beneficial to get a blood test, but I fear a positive result so much.
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