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Any creams etc to help with itch, dryness, and flakey skin?

I have been diagnosed with herpes for a year now. I had 1 really bad breakout and 1 every month since then. I have been taking an antiviral every day for a few months now. It seems to be working for bigger sores. But almost seems like I'm shedding 100% of the time. It's incredibly uncomfortable. Are there any creams or something to help? (PS I haven't been dating or sexually active in almost this whole year because of this. Being a single mom, dating is seeming so hopeless! Any tips for that would be appreciated too!)
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Hi, shedding is symptom free and thats why its mostly passed as the carrier doesnot know they have it. Since your having so many outbreaks i would see a herpes specialist to maybe change your prescription. On itchy skin i use over the counter 1% cortizone cream sparingly and as for dry skin just a good cream
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