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Anyone have near-constant prodromal symptoms?

For the past year, I have had near constant symptoms that include:

- discomfort / pain / burning deep in my hips, thighs, lower abdomen, lower back. This is basically every single day, with an occasional break of a day or two
- frequent crawling sensation in the same location of skin (lower left side about an inch above the top of the condom), which occasionally stings for a few days. I *never* have visible lesions. Occasionally, its a little bit red for a day or so but usually looks totally normal despite the crawling.
- every few weeks a bad flare-up begins with a mild fever and sudden mild dizziness and headache. About a day later, I get more intense burning in my hips and thighs, and have about a week of exhaustion

This has been going on all year, and I am symptomatic despite taking daily valtrex. Doctors have been completely unhelpful. Has anyone else had this experience and can provide any more information?
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Why are you taking Valtrex? If I understand correctly from reading your other posts, you are still trying to get diagnosed with a Western Blot test.

That it's not being alleviated with Valtrex would indicate that this is not herpes, or at least totally. Have you had an IgG test done?

Herpes also isn't constantly active.

Have you seen a neurologist?
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Perhaps I'm jumping the gun and should wait for the Western Blot results, but here's the basic story:

- for the past year, because I've been having flu-like symptoms, followed by burning pains in my hips, and a location of skin that frequently feels crawly or stingy, my family doctor has been fairly confident that it was herpes and he put me on valtrex
- I was on valtrex for a few months, but every 2-3 weeks I was still having another flare up of fever --> burning in hips, so he sent me to a infectious disease specialist, who understandably said there was no way it was herpes as it would have responded to the valtrex, and it wouldn't cause bilateral pains. I was sent away, with no other explanations, other than my low grade fevers were "stress headaches" that I was causing myself and my hip pains were unrelated
- I kept getting the fever-->hip pain --> skin crawling for the next few months and went on and off valtrex experimenting.
- I've had blood tests, ultrasounds, MRIs and yes, I have seen a neurologist. All tests were negative, and the neurologist agreed that it was "strange" and that "I may not get an answer"
- I took an IgG immunoblot in September which was *negative* for HSV 2, but still I keep having bouts of these symptoms so I wondered if it could have been a false negative due to the valtrex
- At that point I contacted Terri Warren, who told me to go off valtrex for three months and do the western blot, which I have, and am waiting on the results.
- I understand that if this is herpes, it would be an extremely unusual case, but in the absence of any other answers I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone had a similar experience.
Have you gotten your WB results back yet?
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Did you ever get the results of WB. Did process work for you.  I am.in very similar situation in Ontario and lost .Hope you see this and respond .Thanks
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