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Are Constant prodrome symtoms normal?

Hi everybody, sorry in advance for the long post

So Ive been nely diagnosed with HSV2 for about. Started with what i though was a yeast infection from all the antibiotics i was taking because I got strep throat twice in one month as well as bacterial vaginitis but a few days later started with a small bump that developed into painful ulcers. Went to my Obgyn 3 days later who looked and said it was definitely herpes. She swabbed anyway, the ulcers as well as opening up 2 other blisters that had not burst yet to make sure she was getting enough "fluid" for the test. She told me to take Acyclovir for a week and told me it will clear up. A week later she said that my culture was negative but that it must be wrong because she was sure I had herpes. My question is how do I stop these prodrome symptoms? I have been having this constant burning for over a month now which they said means im shedding and that an outbreak is coming. When will the outbreak come? And since im having this burning sensation does that mean im still shedding? How do make it stop? I cant get on acyclovir long term since im not actually having sores apparently.
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Also I was just diagnosed in July of this year
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You need an IgG blood test to confirm your diagnosis. Make sure to type specific IgG test, so I’ll tell you if you’re positive for HSV one or HSV2. Since your swab came back negative but your doctor is convinced it’s HSV, you need to know for sure what you’re dealing with and what strain. The test to be done 12 weeks after your last possible sexual contact. The problem with HSV IgG testing is it’s not very good for HSV one. It can miss up to 30% of infections. It’s much better for HSV two, with a 92% accuracy rate. I don’t think the burning for a month is HSV related. Without an outbreak,  this burning could be related to bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections or any other number of issues down below. Since you did have sores, that does tend to point to HSV but I think you need some clarity with the proper test. Burning for a month with no sores, no lesions or no cuts… I just don’t think that would be HSV. Usually the symptoms that happen before an outbreak, less only for a couple days
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I had a blood test done it was high for HSV1 44.52 which i already knew since i would get cold sores as a child but for HSV2 it was >.90 maybe it was to early for a blood test? My doctor said a blood test wouldn’t matter since because of where the sores were that it’s HSV2 not 1.
That’s not true. Your doctor is mistaken. HSV one can also be found Jenna Talley. Since you’ve had cold sores since a child, the chances of it being HSV one are pretty much zero. Once your body build antibodies to one strain, it would be very rare to get the same strain in another location. If you had an IgG test for HSV to at least 12 weeks following your last sexual encounter, it would be about 92% accurate. The IgG Test does miss up to 8% of infections. You didn’t say how soon after your last sexual encounter that the sores appeared. I think another IgG test just for HSV two is in order.
Wait...the HSV2 score had a > in front of it? It wasn’t <.90?
A greater than symbol means above the negative threshold.
And not Jenna Tally...meant genitally.
I’m sorry I meant <.90
And they appeared 3 months after my last sexual encounter I got the blood test 3 weeks after the last time I had sex just because I was getting my annual std check anyway I never thought I had herpes until 3 months later when they sores appeared after I shaved that’s when I went to the doctor and got my culture swab done
Honestly I have no idea if what I had as a child was cold sores I just assumed it was. What would happen is I would lick my lips a lot and the skin would get really dry all around the skin on the outside and sometimes it would scab and peel I never had like an actual blister on it or anything
Did you receive oral sex the last time you had sex?  What you described as a child doesn’t sound like herpes. So you had an IgG test three weeks after the last time you had sex? The symptoms didn’t appear until three months after, correct? If you haven’t had an IgG test for HSV two  Since the one you had three weeks after your last sexual encounter, you should still get another test. If you have anything pop up like you had before, go to the doctor or a walk in clinic immediately and have them swapped. I think another IgG test would be really beneficial.
Yes I received oral sex
It could be HSV1. The IgG test misses up to 30% of HSV1 infections. If you haven’t had any other outbreaks, aside from the initial sores, it’s possibly HSV1 from the oral. If you get any more source, go to an urgent care immediately. Don’t wait to get into your doctor. Time is very important here. You want a PCR swab, not a culture. PCR is far more sensitive. I wonder if you might benefit also, from a western blot. It’s not super easy to God and only is done at the University of Washington but I think you might want to look into it. Maybe start with another IgG test to see what your HSV-2 score is. Since it has been more than 12 weeks since the encounter, now would be the time. The test 3 weeks after the sex isn’t enough time to build antibodies.
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I’ll also add that the burning stop after I take a shower usually comes back the next day
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