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Assuming one has herpes, what should he/she do?

If someone feels they have herpes and do not want to get tested. What step should they take in order to avoid infecting their eye or other family members? I wash my hands twice when ever I feel I have scratched my self (think maybe it's herpes). How much regal soap does one need to use? Secondly I could really use some help, who can I speak to online. I'm gonna lose my mind. Please help me. Can you also please read my prev post from this year?
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That's a nonsense proposition. Everyone who "feels they have herpes" has an obligation to get medical care and to be tested to learn whether or not they actually are infected and to know the virus type (HSV1 or HSV2).

As noted in your other thread, auto-inoculation almost never occurs in people with longstanding HSV infections, and the virus is not transmitted in households -- even when people regularly share bathrooms, kitchens, eating utensils, etc. If you think you have oral herpes, avoid kissing other family members during an outbreak. Otherwise don't worry about it.

And get tested for goodness' sake. Maybe it will turn out you aren't infected anyway.
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Medical information can not be shared. The dr cant tell anyone. No one will know. Tell whoever you have to tell your belly hurts say it till you see the dr then tell him. Medication will help you from spreding it if you do have it. Plus peace of mind is priceless. Just imagine you dont acculey have it and you are stressing over nothing. All this time. Your not a dr. Get peace of mind for yourself this could go on for years.
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Howard thanks for replying. I have lost sleep, I'm very very sad and scared, I feel like I have died and my body is still alive. Can I pm you with my concerns ? Or maybe someone else? Please .
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Thank you man, it seems like you have been there for me.
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Not just ben I am there now. Im waiting to retest. I to am very scard and I have people to protect. I have read everythaing I can on herpes. I look at this web sight non stop.  Looked at pictures looked for cures.  Looked at my body and wash wash wash. This is all I do now. I haven't done anythaing since I thought I may be infected but look at herpes stuff and wash. Well thats not totally true I started reading the holy bible. This is the olney thaing that gives me peace. I have never read it befor. But befor I started reading it I felt alone. No one can ever know and I hope no one ever will know that im going through this. But now I have hope im trying to do what is right and I prayed to god to forgive me for what I have done. I prayed for peace and I prayed to not have this virus. All I can say is it is working for me I have found peace for now. I am trying to do right buy him. And I lisen to the bible every night ( audio book ) befor I go to sleep. If you do what he asks he will have your back. This is where I found my peace. I will pray for you tonight.
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this is the app I listen to. It is free and you can get it at the play store for android.
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