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Asymptomatic Herpes


So I'm pretty good about getting tested and have luckily never contracted anything serious. I understand as a woman I'm at more risk and I've had a lot of partners for someone with my level of anxiety. A great many of these have been one night stands and unfortunately also unprotected. However for my most recent STD tests everything was negative, so in that regard I have always been lucky.

These last tests didn't include ones for HSV II. The last time I've gotten tested for that was in 2010 and that was negative for type II. I have definitely seen quite a few people since then which has gotten me worried again. However, I have never had any outbreak of any sort and I'm not the kind of person that would miss something down there ,or mistake it for something else, as I sadly check myself obsessively (I may have OCD). Could I be asymptomatic?
But then in other places I read that most asymptomatic people when presented with a better picture of the symptoms and signs of genital herpes actually did find that they did suffer from outbreaks. I've never presented with any unusual symptoms down there except for the run of the mill yeast infection, which always responded to the medication prescribed to rid myself of it.

My questions:

I do get recurrent outbreaks of Type I, but being the worry wart  that I am (I literally worry myself sick thus why I do break out orally) wouldn't I also have shown some clinical symptoms, even if they were mild, of genital herpes by now?

And finally, this virus is so common, how often should you test for it if you never had symptoms?

What are the chances I have it considering my description above?


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