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Asymptomatic hsv and neonatal risk. Worried dad to be

Hello. I m dead worried about having asymptomatic herpes and passing it to my pregnant girlfriend.

I believe (but not sure) that i have hsv1 on the lip, it occurs rarely and i usually have a painful blister that goes away after a week.
I ve ALWAYS used condom for genital sex, unfortunately I ve pretty much NEVER used condom with either giving or receiving oral sex (Women and preop male to female transexuals).
Because my gd doesnt like receiving oral sex i m not too worried about giving her genital herpes from oral sex. I m more worried about me transmitting herpes to her through unprotected sex.
The way i understand it, both strains can infect the mouth or the genitals but :
1 hsv1 prefers the mouth area, when transmitted down below it rarely reoccurs and is not very infectious through genital sex   (not sure why). I.e once you get it down below you rarely transmit it through genital sex
2 hsv2 prefers almost exclusively the genitals and only very rarely
3 the fact that i could already have oral hsv1 makes it impossible for me to catch genital hsv1 and gives me some protection against genital hsv2
4both can be transmited even in the absence of symptoms

I have no symptoms in the genitals, nor does my gf. But i m worried that i might have catched either strains in the genitals area and be an asymptomatic carrier. I m worried that i have passed this on to my pregnant gf, who could then also pass it to our baby asymptomatically. Neonatal herpes is a terrible disease

Is the risk real or am I freak it out. How about testing, i ve heard teh tests are highly unreliable???

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have you both sought out type specific herpes igg blood tests to see who has what?

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