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Atypical symptoms of herpes

Hello everyone. Long story here, whilst on vacation about 8 weeks ago mid july 2018 i had unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a girl with whom i had previously been in a relationship with. It is of note that this encounter happened in a tropical country on a beach. Roughly 12 hours after sex i noticed a painless red blotch on my penis which dissappeared after 2 days, a similar painless spot appeared about a week later and disappeared after a day or two. When i returned home to the UK i immediately went to a GUM clinic who assured me that i was all clear after all testing. Around late august the area under my foreskin became irritated and red, i went to the GUM clinic who did a swab test on the area which came back all clear no sign of herpes. I was diagnosed with a candida infection and was prescribed canesten cream which worked very well. I was also put on strong antibiotics 4 times a day due to a streptococcal infection i have been on these for roughly 4 weeks now and still am, the doctor warned me that it may cause recurring rash or yeast infection. I was still incredibly paranoid and anxious however that i had herpes. 4 days ago i noticed a irritation late at night under my penis i looked to see tiny red spots Causing redness on the penis this caused mild irritation almost like sunburn, i went to a private sex health clinic the next day to get checked the redness had reduced significantly and the spots were barely visible even under a light, the doctor said that this did not look like herpes as it would not disappear so quickly, she took another swab test which i should get the results of next week. In the past 3 days the red spots would appear after a hot shower but would soon dissappear again being barely visible. Due to my anxiety over the situation i have been hyper aware of any sensations around genital area sometimes i would feel tingling/irritation  but then i would feel fine most of the time. It is of note that i never had any fluid filled blisters on my penis. 4 doctors have now reassured me that i do not have herpes but i am still not convinced to my anxiety over the issue. If anyone else has had similar symptoms please let me know. Do my symptoms sound like herpes or like a yeast infection like my doctor says? These past two months have utterly ruined my life and caused me a lot of upset any help would be much appreciated.
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It sounds like yeast to me, and some serious anxiety. Yeast makes sense given the antibiotics, and you wouldn't get herpes symptoms 12 hours after exposure.

4 doctors have told you it isn't herpes. Trust them. Also, your life isn't "utterly ruined". That's called catastrophic thinking, and is a textbook example of anxiety. If you haven't already, it's probably time to talk to someone about it, like a doctor or mental health professional. (I say that with kindness and compassion, not criticism.)

Best of luck.
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Thank you for your comment and support. I received good news last friday i got the results of the latest swab test negative again. I am still getting tiny red bumps on my penis unfortunately which is hopefully due to the antibiotics which i am still on i am still worried that its herpes. Do you have any idea on what the accuracy of such swab culture tests are?
Well I have had weird symptoms as well, after having safe sex with an asymptomatic person. I took tests all the way up to 3 months all came back negative.  Recently got swabbed, and am waiting for results.
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