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AuntieJessie. Can i move on?

First i want to thank AuntieJessie for being there and answering my questions and actually feeling with me and keeping me sane.
You're an angel for helping tons of us.. We need you.

Conrinuing to what you previously know..

Seems like there is no vivid genital herpes signs to be honest rather than just genital itches and discahrges which can be due to many other reasons. I have the confidence to say all that because you mentioned how it really is not HSV2.
Iam trying my best to stop googling because its EXTREMELY crazy.

I have been timid to get tested again;
1. Afraid to find out if God forbids.
2. Really cant pay for WB right now esp when it is not extremly serious.
3. Don't want to find out lol

However.. I have been not sexually active since last encounter which was 43 days ago, and as far as I know.. I am STD free, and i am considering being sexually active again with a guy I have known who is actually STDs negative.

Can I carry on AuntieJessie...
Can I try and go back to ny normal mental state because its draining me and I might not even have to be on that end.

Thoughts? Thank you!
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Oh by all means, go forth and have the sex. Your test result was so, so low, and you've had no herpes symptoms.

Just remember that your mental health is very important, protect yourself - even if he says he's negative, have you seen all the test results? what was he tested for? - and have fun. ;) Sex is supposed to be fun.

And you're welcome!
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Hi dear.,
It brings me peace knowing so. However you're right on his end.. Iam clean and tested. Let me not fall into this again and have my new partner tested as i will see his results.

I don't mean to imply that he's being dishonest. A lot of docs test for gonorrhea and chlamydia, maybe HIV, and call it a "complete STD panel". There is no such thing as an "STD panel". Just make sure he has been tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, HIV and syphilis.

Enjoy your new partner. :)
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Oh and add NGU for men in that.
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Its so crazy how there are alot of STDs and in general diseases going on out there.. I am getting more and more paranoid every day to be honest.

I am feeling a little tingle in my anus that stops when I just move my buttcheek lol
Could it be the hair ?  
A little itch to. Am getting my period in these 1-2 days and in the back of my mind i am expecting an outbreak lol
It could be anything. If it stops when you move, I wouldn't worry. Herpes symptoms don't come and go like that. No STD symptoms do.

It's good to be aware of STDs, but there's no need to be paranoid. I mean, no one wants one, but don't let yourself be hindered by the fear of them. Talk to your partners, get tested with them, and use condoms. :)
Thank you.
Went back into the clinic and told this other psychian that told me to neglect my results to literally hear that I do not carry HSV2 and STD free lol.
Thank you for keeping me sane and giving me the right information regarding many things.
You’re welcome, and you don’t need to thank me again lol. It’s what we’re here for. :)
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