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Auto innoculated HSV to mouth

Hi guys,

About 15 months ago, I autoinnoculated myself. The herpes I had since 7 years ago spread to my mouth and then I suppose to my face, finally to my anus as it keeps itching constantly.
I managed to keep the spreading of the rash to my face by applying all sorts of ointments to it. Whenever something breaks out, I try to be on top of it.
I lost a lot of weight since. People dont recognize me at work anymore. I feel depressed, cannot eat any comfort food anymore..! Grains, bread, chocolate, coffee, anything that contains a ratio of 70% or lower of Lysine/arginine are out of bound for me.

I don't know if I have inflamation in my digestive system.. Well I guess so.. but I have no way of knowing.
I'm trying to explain the weight loss. Would it be from the fact that I can't eat anthing fatening anymore such as wheat or could it be that the generalized HSV might have triggered something else where I might be in reinal failure or diabetes?

I'm always tired, have no taste for life anymore, feel that I might die soon. Just the time I spend on a daily basis so it will not spread is so debelitating. Despite the fact that I take Valacyclovir 500mg twice per day, the somewhat strict diet, it's still not enough to keep it under control alone.

It's like having a newborn at home I have to take care of at all times.

My questions are:
1- How is it called when someone's face, mouth, anus, genital and possibly everything else is contaminated by the virus (about everything except for the brain and the eyes). Is it called a systemic herpes?
2- What is the ratio of HSV patients in the United States and/or Canada that are contaminated as this?

This is really bad. I feel shivering in my body most of the time and out of energy. Even my brain is foggy.
How could a doctor find out whether this herpes is affecting my internal organs other than biopsy?

I've been washing my face so much with harsh soaps so that the herpes would not spread that I think I might have caused my skin to develop rosacea (was visually diagnosed by an MD) for this new condition in addition to the HSV.

Thank you very much.
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This all does not sound like herpes symptoms.

Let's start at the beginning. How were you diagnosed with herpes 7 years ago and what type was it? Were you negative for the other type?
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Hi Fleetwood,

Thanks for your response. I was diagnosed 7 years ago for genital herpes indeed. However, I forget of which type it was. I had recently gotten out of a surgery in which they removed an AVM from my brain so my memory is not very good.
I know I had herpes on my lips. I guess that one was type 1 but it had been in control with no resurgence since at least 25 years. I'm now 49.
My doctor told me to go and get the blood work done. I will go today and as soon as I know, I will let you know. I have the feeling I have type 1 from my mom since I was a child on my lips as well as type 2 from my ex wife which I contracted 7 years ago.

I never had problem eating anything and now, whenever I eat anything that has a lot of arginine in it, the inside of my mouth gets ulcerated.

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Hi Fleetwood,

I answered you 2 weeks ago but it seems like it didn't go through so here it is again.
I had a brain surgery a few weeks after I contracted herpes so I know they told me then but I forgot.
I keep postponing to get my blood test suffering from anxiety and depression as well.
I will repost whenever I get the results from this re-testing. I appologize for the delay in this.
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No problems, but you can't really move forward that much without the test.

If you have HSV1 orally and HSV2 genitally, entirely feasible, I do, then you cannot autoinnoculate yourself. You simply have a virus in both locations.

However systematic issues with herpes are rare. With established infections, s small outbreak is all that is expected. If there is more than that, then other issues are at play most likely.
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Hi Fleetwood,

Both tests came back negative but I don't believe this because my ex gave it to me sexually and was tested for it. Every so often, the rash comes back but it's rarer and rarer.
I also had the bumps on my lips when I was a child. Also had the cold sores inside my mouth so for sure I had HSV1 also.

Now the doctor thinks that maybe the virus was not active when they did the test. It's definitely a false negative.

How often do we get a false negative on those tests?

It seems to be the TAAN test for both HSV 1 and 2 PCR

Results were 0 copies per millilitres... Whatever that means!
They also tested me for HIV, Chlamedia and Gonorrhoeae. Everything negative.

Thanks for your help. What do you think?

If I didn't have a problem, I could eat chocolate like before or drink coffee and the roof of my mouth would not peel off like an orange peel, right?
I mean, it wouldn't help any by rinsing my mouth with lysine and water if i didn't have herpes!

Now I will have to keep fighting with my doctor to have the test redone!
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Hold up, you had a PCR(TAAN) on blood for HSV?

This is the wrong test and will just about always be negative regardless of whether someone has the virus.

You need IgG type specific for HSV1 and HSV2.

I hope the chlamydia and gon tests were on your urine?

I think you need a new doctor!
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Now it's coming back with a revenge. Before I could sort of controlling the auto imunization to my face using products but now I can tell the sores are not starting as a red zone but rather right away forms a pimple. It started one one side of my nose then it went on the other side and now it's starting more and more to go all over my face. I fought for this almost 1.5 years sleeping with band aids in my face
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Yes I think he's pretty lousy doctor!
He's smart but I think he keeps thinking I'm imagining I don't have it from the pictures I sent him.

Thank you very much. I will bring this to his attention Fleetwood.

BTW, he prescribed Valacyclovir 500mg twice per day. When I look at the drugs.com website, it recommends the same dosage but at 3 times per day intervals.
I know that if I miss one dose by 2 or 3 hours, I start getting the chills again and the erruptions start coming out again.
This is actiually not sounding like herpes at all. Established infections do not cause chills.
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If I eat anything that contains lower ratios the 70% or lysine/arginine i start getting rash in the face, and I start getting cold and tired.
I can't wait to know what it is...!

I lost like 30 pounds from 180 lbs since I cannot eat bread or anything containing arginine.
Nuts are now a no no for me!

And YES, the Ghonorea and the other one were tested via urine samples.

Thank you for all your help Fleet.
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The arginine/lysine theory simply doesn't hold for herpes.

For a start there is consistent evidence that arginine has an impact on herpes outbreaks for example. Even then our diets already have ample lysine in them. The majority of people do not have an excess of arginine!

How are you going in terms of getting the right test?
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Hi Fleetwood,

Well, I'm going to have to go back at the doctor. Here in Quebec, it takes a long time to get an appointment so it may take 2 months before I will be seen.
I will ask for the proper test that you suggested once I meet with him but I have the feeling he will think, who does this one know about medicine!

Anyway, as far as the lysine/arginine theory is so consistent. I just ate some bread just now and my mouth roof is starting to peel out again. The only way I found to eat bread is by rinsing my mouth with lysine powder and water after eating.  If I don't do this ritual, it starts again to itch me all over my face again.! Not fun!

If you want, I could send you some pictures once I find them because my computer crashed on me a few times in the last few months.

Thanks again.
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Here is the link to view the pictures:


I am taking Valacyclovir 500mg 2x per day. Now it's getting better with the med but still, I need to be careful what I eat.
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That is almost certainly not herpes in all of those pictures. Much of it looks like staph to me.
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Well I wish you were right.
When I manipulate those pimples, it's white inside, not clear like staph infection.
Why then it's in my mouth, on my anus and probably in my digestive tube also?
Like I told you, whenever I eat anything that has a lower ratio than 80% of lysine/arginine, 2 minutes later, my anus start itching and 5 to 10 minutes later, I start shivering, malaise that make me extremely tired. Feel sick.
I always want to sleep. Of course I know the Valacyclovir has that as a side effect.

All the doctors that looked at my pictures told me it's not herpes except the first one that saw the pictures inside my mouth. This one told me for sure it's herpes.

I was once diagx with herpes HSV2 on the scrotum. Nobody heals from this! Now the tests come back negative but of course, the doctor didn't ask for the right tests...! great!

Then even though I would had come back with HSV1 and HSV2, that doesn't confirm yet what I have in my face. It has to be cultured locally.

This valacyclovir or the virus is making me so depressed and tired. I am starting to feel really suicidal. I can't keep living like this much longer. I cannot go by my daily business anymore without extreme efforts on my part each day!
On the weekends, I sleep 20 hours per night!

I so wish you were right if you knew! But all this started when I tasted my semen. Since then, I lost over 30 pounds. It's to the point where people at work don't even recognize me anymore.
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It is the very fact that the condition is not isolated to one nerve ganglion that is essentially proof that it isn't herpes (meaning HSV1, HSV2).

Again, there is most probably nothing in the lysine/arginine issue, that really is all in your mind.

You had one sore on your scrotum diagnosed visually as HSV2? That doctor is a fool.

Tasting your own semen can do nothing additional to whatever you have, that's unrelated.
Now it seems to have spread to my nose, I keep getting zits coming out. I pop them open and now my nose feels tingling and red, like there is an electric current of low voltage going through my nose. They did confirm by labs that I did have herpes below the belt. Now I forget if it came up as 1 or 2 and this doctor is passed away. can't find the records. My ex wife gave it to me. But I read somewhere that it is possible to autoinnoculate ourselves with this deadly virus.

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This is becoming a farce. If you really want to get better you need to get to a doctor and start diagnosing and treating the actual causes. This all has absolutely nothing to do with herpes or whether you actually have herpes or not.

You've had 7 years to get a blood test and confirm what herpes you have. Instead of writing on the internet, go and get this test. Then you can put it out of your mind and focus on these ailments.
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I'm sorry to say but you are losing it. You are simply wasting your valuable time and it is overdue that you take control of your life and start getting better.

If you read anything about autoinnoculation then I'm afraid it was written by a deluded soul similar to the direction you are taking.

'Deadly virus' - cut the dramatics. This virus not causing you any of these issues.
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Yes I agree that herpes 1 on the lips only or herpes 2 on the genitals is not a death sentence for various reasons. I had them both and this is not so dramatic. It can be somewhat controlled...

But when HSV-2 spreads on your face, in your mouth and your digestive tract, then yes.. it becomes deadly.. Why would you say?

Because then you constantly itch, you end up finding yourself to spend your time to put band aids on your face so it won't spread to your eyes when you sleep on your pillow, you can't eat a lot of foods that are good for you (nuts, bread, cereals, chocolate, coffee, etc..)

If you don't know what I mean, look up arginine deficiency and what it does to your body.
I am not dead yet but I am EXTREMELY depressed, I aged an apparent 10 years in the last 2. People at work don't even recognize me.

Arginine rich foods are EXTREMELY important to us humans. It provides collagen and contributes to our healthy metabolism to develop muscular mass, etc...

So unless you live with the condition in question Mr. Fleetwood, I suggest you cut off your judgement calls such as your last one.

I DO thank you though for helping me out, especially to indicate that the blood test I had done is the wrong one. With your help, I could influence my doctor to request a second test, this time with the IGG.

I will post later what the results are but I would bet you right now about anything that I have both HSV-1 and 2. I lived with this crap for the last 2 years so I know what the heck I'm talking about!

To whomever reads this, be careful not to cross contaminate yourselves if you have HSV-2 down below. You CAN cross contaminate yourself (auto innoculation). A lot of websites says that it's rare. All you need is drink beer (which has a lot of arginine in it - this stupid virus loves to feed on this stuff) and maybe a wound in your mouth, in order to cross contaminate yourself!

You think herpes is bad down below... You have no idea what you are facing when you have the type 2 in your mouth people...  So if you have herpes, no more going down on your gf please !

It's worse than you ever imagined and your lifespan will be reduced because of it. Trust me. I hope I might help other people through what I am living now. If I do, then it might be all worth it!

BEWARE! You CAN CROSS CONTAMINATE YOURSELF! I wish my doctor had told me this before! Halas, I found out by myself but it was too late.

I will post the results later as they become available
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Fleetwood, thank you for telling me I needed to get igG test. The other day, I went to the doctor and   pleaded with him to get him to keep prescribing me my ongoing basis ration of valtrex. He refused to prescribe more as PCR TAAN test came back as negative. As he was animate that I didn't have herpes, I told him I was corresponding with a guy on the internet who told me that PCR TAAN test is not 100% accurate and it could be the wrong test. At that point, I thought he would fire me as a patient but looked up again on his screen and said, allright we'll try the IgG but if this time it comes back negative, then it's all in your mind and I think you are an anxious kind of guy, blah blah!

He even referred me to a psychiatrist thinking I am imagining things that are not real! lol
Recently, the results finally came back... I knew it, and I was right!
HSV-2: 8.0.. Doesn't seem to be a mild infection!

So anyway, thanks for guiding me in the right direction Fleetwood.

I had sent him pictures of my 'zits' and always told me they didn't seem to be herpetic lesions. Well now we know!

Another example to all of us that it's not because we aren't doctors that we are all dumb.! Even though, most of us in the population are, but that's another debate for another day.

Thank you again.
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