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BV sores or HSV

I had unprotected sex with a new partner three times.  After the last time we were intimate, about two days later, I had an incredible amount of yellow discharge.  I went to the OB and she thought it might be a strept infection in my vagina and asked if my partner had strept when he performed oral on me.  I said that wasn't possible.

She took a sample of the discharge, and sent it to be analyzed at the lab.  Turns out it was heavy BV with mild yeast as well (which I always seem to have yeast from being on the pill)  

She put me on antibotics for the BV. When showering I noticed to small spots- looked almost like clogged pores or little pimpes- with pure white tops.  Not like a white head on your face- the little spots seemed to have grey stuff in them, almost discharge looking white.  Once finding the two spots, I touched them, they weren't sore.  Upon looking at myself and opening myself up, I saw a pink spot inside my vagina.  Could BV cause this type of little white sore- or should I be concerned with herpes?

I have heard that the first outbreak happens at the entry point of the vagina- these were on the outside of the labia.  I know I was herpes free prior to my encounter, i was tested not long before that.

Also - if it was herpes, would the sores just disappear or go away in a couple of days?  Would they always burst and scab?

Your feedback is so appreciated!
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Hi, yes sores that your describing could surely appear due to a yeast or BV infection and herpes sores would not go away in a couple of days and would open and scab over.
thank you life360_Dave for your reply.
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Your welcome. Since you answered quickly, you must have been up all night waiting for a reply!!
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dave- what about the pink sore or spot I saw on the inside of the labia?  would a primary outbreak produce sores that far away from point of entry?  no other sores were seen, I am hsv1 positive btw
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No it would not be a primary outbreak on the inside that far away from point of entry but a reaction to the yeast/BV infection.
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