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Bilateral Shingles

About six months ago I had a hemorrhoid flare up and treated it with a prescription foam and tucks pads. The problem was no one seemed to have the same symptoms I was experiencing. I had severe nerve pain that would sometimes paralyze me to the point I could not speak (all while managing to work and chase around my three year old). I explained this to my dr. who was not impressed by what she could see and blew off what I was telling her I felt. I would either feel like I had stabbing hot pokers in my rectum or tingling electric sensations on both sides of my buttocks. I also felt "hot" pains internally near my belly.
I began to wear the tucks pads all day but found that they burned my skin...or so I thought. I began to feel little bumps around my rectum which I attributed to the tucks. Now this hemorrhoid problem with the nerve pain had been going on for about two months. I had appointments with a surgeon (which I canceled) and I still have one set up with a gastro dr. (which I will keep for other symptoms that have come up through all this).
So back to these little bumps. I went back to the dr. but the bumps were tiny and now dried up and she told me to come back in if they appeared again "in case it may be herpes". Of course I got defensive and informed her that I had not been intimate at all in two years and was tested for all STD's including Herpes ans HIV which were all negative. I have had cold sores in the past (every 4-5 years) and they usually cause serious nerve pain and trauma to my face but since I recognize the tingly warning I now get on antivirals ASAP and have been able to avoid all that. I am not saying its impossible for me to have contracted HSV 2 in my life at some point. If I'm being honest, I have always been grateful that I made it through my teens and twenties with no permanent damage. But if I have HSV 2 so be it.(I realize also it is possible to have HSV 1 on the genital/Buttocks area as well).
My issue is the NERVE PAIN is ridiculous and no one seems to understand. I then developed what I thought were more bumps. They were raised almost pimple like but with no blister or head. They were on my genital area and around the anal area. I went back to the Dr. and this time saw her NP. She barely examined me after I explained all this and just peeked in between my cheeks and declared "looks like genital herpes to me". Of course I freaked but I think it was more because it was announced to me so matter of factly and I wanted to appeal her judgement because I had prior clean bills of health and besides, I have been inactive for so long. By now I had self diagnosed myself to have shingles and I was simply there to get her to agree and get rid of it. She dismissed all my arguements and insisted that Shingles CAN NOT be bilateral...period!!! But of course, I knew better because the internet told me so. She dismissed my request to test for Shingles (swab) and tested me for Herpes and HIV (blood test). The results would take about a week. By now I was broke. My insurance is laughable and I had spent all I could at this point in trying to treat my hemorrhoid problem (script is $40 for about a weeks worth) and copays for office visits trying to get this diagnosed and treated. By the way she put me on 5 days of acyclovir which did nothing for what was now a rampant rash-like ulcer patches from front to back.
A week later I got a call from the assistant to tell me my tests were all negative and to come back if I have another episode. I explained that my symptoms had not changed at all. She said she would call me back. She did... the next day and said my dr. said to see a dermatologist. I didn't really have the money for a specialist but if she felt that was necessary than I would, however if I make the appt. I wouldn't be able to get in for 6 months (just the way it is with dermatologists around here) so I asked her to call for me to get an appt right away. She replied "we only do that for emergencies".  So now I am on my own. No appt., no diagnosis and constant pain. It has been about 4 months now and I have now resorted  to taking my mom's unused gabapentin she had for shingles and that's is the only relief I have had so far. The bumps/ulcers are starting to scale but if they get rubbed by clothing or while wiping off after shower they become somewhat inflamed again. The pain almost doesn't seem to necessarily be coming from the actual sores.I plan to see the dermatologist.
I have seen pictures of bilateral shingles - a large rash along a dermatone and the a few patches on the other side. I have also seen images and posts of vaginal shingles. Has anyone heard of bilateral vaginal shingles, sounds ridiculous, I know, but what do I have left. I just want this to be over. Thanks for your time.
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was this a gyn you saw? did they do any testing for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally?

this isn't the shingles forum but i didn't move your question to that forum because it's not likely this is shingles going on for you.  shingles would've healed on its own long before this and you wouldn't still have rashes, same as it wouldn't be bilateral and present in the way you are describing.

your herpes testing was type specific herpes igg blood testing?

don't wear tucks pads all day long again either. they aren't meant to be used like that. Limit it to 10 minutes at the  most when you use them.

I'd also reschedule that appointment to have your hemorrhoids looked at too. They can look internally up your bowel a few inches to see if you have internal thrombosed hemorrhoids causing your pain too ( though that doesn't explain your rashes of course ).  best of luck getting to the bottom of this all!

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Thank you for your response Grace, Yes I was checked for BV and yeast infection. Those were negative. My herpes test - I'm not sure. The woman who called me with my results simply stated that I was negative for herpes. I will look into that because I do get occasional cold sores so?? The exams were not by a gyn but rather my primary physician who's specialty is Internal medicine I believe. I keep thinking I am getting better and if I irritate it at all it flares right back up 0 it's not internal vaginally by the way, as far as I can tell. I am getting so tired of this and now I am, at the point where I need to taper off the gabapentin so I don't have problems when I run out.
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Did you ever find any answers?  I am in the same boat.  I had chcicken pox at 34   Shingles on right side by bra strap 3 years ago at 48

I have been battling constant UTI for sometime.  Saw doc last week and they sent urine in for culture,  Got a call today that urine showed Strep Group B. so now I am on new meds.

My vagina and anus are a train wreck.  I have had shooting pains in my anus like the ones I remember on my side -- excrutiating.   I now have white small circular open sore in Vag.   I was cultured for herpes -- have not heard yet.  Been married 30 years & never ever had this issue.

I did have severe case of mono clear back in 1981 so I am positive for Epstein Bar.

I am on meds IC VALACYCLOVIR HCL 1 GRAM TAB 2X DAILY and also have tropical lidocaine Hydrochloride which really helps.   Bowel movements are so painful I almost vomit from the pain.  About 5 minutes after it is tolerable.  Also have had right upper flank pain.

Body temp running low was 96.4 the other day.

My vag. very painful as well.  Hard to urinate but did just get to med as I was taking cipro and the doc switched it.

Working in a 40 hr full time prof. job abd it is difficult =..(   Sure feels and acts like shingles
Any advice is appreciated.  .
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Did you recieve any type of confermation on what you were / are suffering from ?? I see that this was written in 2012 , in 2014 I too started experencing the same type of symptoms you discribed ... have been doing much internet research and have been to my gyn ... with no satisfaction .  I have been on gabapentin for years , since I have RSD / Cpsd in my left ankle foot from an injury/ fracture. But it doesn`t help with these shingle type symptoms .  
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I have been dealing with pelvic pain, burning urethral pain that began 10 years ago. The past year or so I began also having rectal pain when attempting bowel movement, mostly around my menstral cycle. I have managed my pelvic pain following the intercistial cystitis diet recommendations but sometimes still have pain for no reason. Pelvic pain also present during intercourse at certain times of the month. Yesterday I decided to go see a homeopathic healer. I told him just a few of my symptoms and he asked if I have bad fever blisters, Epstein Barr, mono, or thematic fever in my family. I have had fever blisters terribly off and on since I was a child. He then told me that he prayed about it and God told him I have shingles affecting my urethra. I was skeptical but immediately went home and have been researching and am finding so many ppl with the same symptoms who suspect shingles. I truly believe the medical community is missing some connection here! I used to go for uti testing and my culture was always negative but "white blood cells present". I am taking a capsule BHT for 30 days and praying for lasting relief. I also researched BHT and shingles which is never given by an MD, however online I found information on how it can effectively treat shingles!! Do the research, you will be surprised at what you find, and also come to realize how flawed and closed minded "doctors" truly are!
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