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Both igg scores increased

First, igg test was on 9/01/2018. Results were
Second test was on 9/29/2018.
Results were
Both igg scores increased does that mean i have hsv 1 and 2?
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Typically, greater than 1.09 is considered a positive result, but I would not conclude that you are hsv2+ without knowing more about why you took the blood test. Did you have a risky encounter and how long ago was it? Did you have symptoms, etc?
Yes, i had unprotected sex on june,14,2018.  Also was diagnosed with chlamydia on july the 27.
Had red circles with cuts on glans that didnt resemble sores or lesions. Aswell doctor looked at the physical symptoms and said it didnt look like herpes.
While your encounter was risky, I would've expected your index level to be higher by now. If I were in your shoes, I would get confirmatory testing with another method - Western Blot, Biokit Rapid Assay, or the Focus recombinant inhibition HSV-2 Elisa. The Western Blot will be the most accurate of these tests.

Please be kind to yourself and get in the habit of always using condoms with partners of unknown std status. Good luck.
So my igg still needs confirmation?
And if so what is the probability of me having hsv1 and hsv2?
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You have a low positive result. Any index value under 3.0 should probably be confirmed with another test. If you know for sure the other person had hsv2 and you know for sure that you had   typical symptoms of a herpes outbreak, then I would probably be inclined to say you most likely are infected with hsv2 and you do not need confirmatory testing. But, you have indicated that you did not have typical herpes symptoms and you have low positive test result; thus, if I were in your shoes, I would definitely get confirmatory testing.

On average, the odds of catching herpes from unprotected sex with an infected person who is not experiencing an outbreak is 1 in 1,000. That's on "average" and your encounter may not have been average. Sound like you had a risky encounter and you have a positive result that needs further confirmation, and although your symptoms were not "typical" they were also not completely inconsistent with a herpes outbreak..
Been having this rash close to a month. Have Applied clotrimazole for close to 3 and the symptoms have been vanishing progressively. Aswell how long does hsv2 in the genital usually last?
Also i was diagnosed with chlamydia 3 days before the first igg test. And my symptoms were red spots on glans, penile discharge, burning when urinating and itching. Also the spots were painless.
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