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Brief encounter with herpes, chances I have it?

I had a very brief (maybe 10 second) unprotected encounter with someone who has herpes, and did have an anal sore at the time. We had vaginal intercourse in which he penetrated me one time for a few seconds before he realized it was wrong. I had too much to drink. We’re both in our late 20s. I have never had any std or sexual complication. How probable is it that I have contracted genital herpes from this isolated incident?
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While no one can guarantee you did not catch herpes from your brief encounter with an infected person, the odds are strongly in your that you did not get infected. The odds of transmission between an infected person and an uninfected person takes place once in every 1,000 sexual episode on average. Transmission depends on duration of the encounter, the presence of viral shedding, whether the infected partner is on antivirals, etc.

How long has it been since your encounter?
Not even 24 hours. But I cannot stop thinking about it and worrying. I have not slept and been googling constantly since midnight. :( There are SO many varying opinions and facts on the internet its hard to get a clear understanding of the risk..
are my only options at this point to wait for something to show up or go get tested? do you know how long to wait before being tested?
Most newly infected people will show symptoms in 2-6 days. Some may take 10-14 days, and rarely up to 3 weeks.
Testing is useless at this point. If you do get obvious blisters, get them swabbed, pcr tested and typed asap.
thank you for your help. bringing me what little comfort can be offered..
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