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Bug Bite? Herpes? Grace or Aunt Jesse's advice?

Ok so I have a few questions, and I feel like after looking online what seemed simple is now confusing & making me pretty anxious.

I'm a female, & I have, on the back center of one thigh... upper thigh, maybe an inch below the crease by my butt... two small red dots.  One is larger than the other, & they are about 1-2 inches apart. Neither are raised, and they do  not seem full of any kind of liquid or pus like a blister or pimple would be. (though I can feel them with my finger when I touch them, like they are very slightly raised.) They do not hurt. Do not itch. The larger one even has a teeny tiny dark pinhead size dot in the center, as if I'd been bitten by something with a small stinger.

I have had these 2 non-itchy non-painful spots for a week, with pretty much no change.  They are pinkish-reddish.

I am concerned about their location.  And I know herpes is often mistaken for bugbites.  But this does not sound like herpes does it? The pictures and descriptions online certainly don't match my symptoms. So I guess my questions are:
1) When herpes occurs on the thigh/butt, isn't it usually painful and/or itchy?
2) What is the timeline? I mean, if these were going to break open into ulcers, would they typically have done so by now after a week?
3) My ONLY sexual encounter was over 4 YEARS ago, when I was fingered by a guy. This doesn't really even put me at risk for herpes, does it?
4) Also, I am aware of all of the potential tests, & that I could get tested to "ease my mind." But do either of you think this is warranted at all given my symptoms and low-risk exposure?

Thanks SO much for everything you do! Really :)

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This doesn't sound like herpes.  This could be folliculitis or some other probelm.  If it doesn't hurt or itch it most likely isn't herpes.  Be seen for a work up but chances are this is not herpes as well.  

Your expsoure being your only sexual encounter was not a low risk it was a no risk for herpes.  I wouldn't bother with testing.
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these don't sound like herpes at all. see your provider if you are concerned.

no, you won't get genital herpes from being fingered.

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