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Bumps on lips

Over the past 4 months, I've had 3 occurrences of very small, blister type reactions form on the center of my upper lip. At first it just starts out as dry, itchy skin, but over a day or so, it becomes more painful. The first occurrence I had was a lot more painful and lasted longer. I had extremely dry, cracked skin on the corners of my mouth which caused me to not be able to open it very far, as well as the small painful blisters on the top of my mouth. This finally went away, but I now have this small patch of what looks to be clear blisters forming on the center of my upper lip. I've tried chap sticks and carmex, but neither have seemed to work; they only irritate it more. I'm concerned as to whether or not this is Herpes, or some type of other dermatology matter that I'm not aware of. I looked at pictures of oral Herpes and mine looks nothing like the big red blisters resulting from oral Herpes. I also wonder how and where I could have developed whatever this is that I have. Any advice you could give would be very helpful.
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best thing to do is to go and be seen. this could even be multiple things going on for instance - oral herpes and angular cheilitis or even an allergic reaction to something.  

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