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Burning and Pain in Penis, Scrotum and Inner Thigh


I had one time unprotected sex, vaginal intercourse and oral sex with a girl I was dating back in Oct 2011. I had know this person for some months, I had discussed sexual health prior. I slept with this person and right after we had sex they told me they had tested positive for herpes 1 and 2 10 years prior, confirmed again 2 years ago following SDT check-up.

I was extremely angry with this person and stopped dating them. I suffer from ME/CFS and have been unwell for a few years and I think I have weakened immunity due to the ME. I had told the above person this prior to sleeping with them, but they never mentioned their herpes status until afterwards.

I had sex in Mid Oct 2011. In mid Dec I started to get urinary pains, pains urinating and feelings of wanting to urinate. These continued for some months - Jan-March. I was treated with antibiotics. I went to a Sexual Health Clinic for STD checkup in Jan and again in March. I was told I had no signs of herpes and all my other blood tests were negative for all main infections Hep. Syph. HIV and so on.

My penis pain continued through to June 2012. In June I began to have severe burning pain in my penis with discoloration of the glands penis, what looked like red blotches. The burning sensation in my penis then spread to my groin (scrotum and inner thigh). I had swollen lymph nodes in groin and arm-pits. I lost 4kilos in weight and had night sweats. These symptoms continued on and off through June-July. In July I started having slight loss of power in my legs while walking. I went to A&E and was discharged with appointment to Urology. I saw GP who said it could be a viral infeciton but rejected the idea it might be herpes. I had blood tests done for Antibodies (im not sure it was the specific tests or general antibodies to herpes) but it came back negative which supported my GPs view this was not herpes.

I then got a worsening of my symptoms through July-August with buring tingling in my my face (mainly of left side around my mouth) and down my left arm, with some numbness of some fingers on my left hand and some burning sensation on left arm.  I paid to see an infectious disease specialist privately - he did standard blood work, all normal ranges. He said it could be my ME plus maybe a herpes infection, but impossible to say. (I never had any of these symptoms before with ME). He prescribed aciclovir for 5 days - it did reduce the pains somewhat but also made me feel very weird and weak.

I am left with a terrible burning sensation in my inner thigh, only really on left side, with transient burning sensations in my my penis and testicles and scrotum. My symptoms have calmed a little especially in the face and left arm, but the left inner thigh is unbareable. I have the buring sensation constantly, night and day. I also wake at night with burning sensation in my head, with some cold sweats on my neck and face, plus my heart feels like it is under stress and I have had burning sensation around my heart in my chest.

In my mind I must have herpes and perhaps with ME and a weakened immune system I have atypical presentation with no herpes sores but just generaly symptoms of nerve infection. My GP is no help and the GU medicine people have said I should see a urologist privately. I am in pain daily and worried about my general health which has declined a lot.

Any advice for me would be most appreciated.
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