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Burning penis, pubic itching, fatigue, nausea, painful urination

I am a 26 year old male. On the 2 September 2020 I had an unprotected outercourse with a 45 year old overweight female sex worker (who claimed to be STD free).  Basically this is what happened:

I had a hand job and mammary intercourse with her.

When putting on a condom she used her mouth to put it on. What is the risk of oral herpes being transmitted to my genitals from this.

After deciding not to use a condom I she lied down on her stomach and I thrusted/slid my naked penis through her naked bum crack like in the link below except I was straddling her legs and went from the other side.


I stood against a wall and she pushed/grinded her naked bum against my naked penis.

She lied down on her stomach and I thrust my naked penis into her naked upper thighs.

She said she does not offer natural services and she claimed my penis did not touch her anus, vagina or vulva once.

3 and a half to 4 days later I started getting a burning sensation in the tip of my penis which 10 days later still hurts. The pain goes up and down and sometimes it hurts very badly and sometimes it is very minor. Other than that I have felt a lot of itching in the pubic/anal area, a bit of fatigue/nausea, feelings of jelly legs in my quads occasionally, funny feelings in groin area, light sensitivity for maybe a few minutes and sometimes burning/painful urination since then. I do not have any sores or swelling lymph nodes or a fever so far. I did find little white lumpy things under my foreskin a few days ago and today as well.

I have been tested for a UTI and it came back negative. I was also tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea but they also came back negative (I am not worried about them anyway since they are 100% curable).

What is the risk I contracted genital herpes from this encounter? I am currently seeing two people right now (I have not been sexual with either of these girls yet), would it be advisable to lay off of becoming sexual with them until I get cleared by a test or something?

Sorry for the long question and sorry to be so specific. I have never been so anxious in my entire life.
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First, I don't know what is happening with you, but you should definitely avoid sex since you have symptoms of something.

The risk of herpes is low, because it sounds like you didn't come into contact with mucus membranes, which is where she would be shedding virus from if she has it (though I question how you could not come into contact with her anus). Even so, the risk would be low for herpes from the grinding.

There is no risk for any STD from a handjob or mammary anything.

If she did not put her mouth on you unprotected, you aren't at risk for anything. If her mouth touched you briefly while putting the condom on, it's not enough to transmit anything.

So, what's causing your symptoms? You said you were tested for a UTI, and that was negative. Was that a test they did in the office and gave you results that same day?

How much caffeine and alcohol do you drink? How much water? You might be surprised at how much caffeine can affect the prostate and bladder, and cutting back can alleviate a lot of these symptoms.

Do you think any of this could be anxiety and a heightened awareness of the area?

Herpes doesn't cause vague symptoms without actual sores.

Just a note - the sex worker says that she doesn't do anything natural, but she actually does. Most sex workers don't do anything, start to finish, unprotected, including grinding. The risk is low for grinding, but there could be a risk from it. I just wanted to let you know that for the future.

So my advice is to drink more water, lay off caffeine and alcohol for a few days and see if that helps. If it doesn't, you may need to see a urologist, but I really doubt this is an STD.

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Thanks for the response auntiejessi. Sorry to reply back so late but work has been hell the last few weeks.

When I meant grinding it was more her standing up and pushing/rubbing her bum against my naked penis while I was standing against the wall. It was hardly rough grinding or anything like that. Also she is a size 22 so I would think there would be quite a bit of bum between my penis and her anus.

I don't drink alcohol but I do drink some coffee. I do drink a lot of diet lemonade as well. When I mean penis tip I mean urthrea. I definitely think some of this was anxiety related or at least made worse by anxiety. When I was anxious and looking up stuff about herpes the pain was sharp and quite bad. However, when I was doing work or focused on other things the pain got more dull. The pain was generally better in the morning and sometimes waxed and waned from quite sharp to very dull. The day before the pain set in I was masturbating quite vigorously and used body lotion as lube to masturbate. At times urination appeared to soothe the pain but I might be remembering wrong because it was 2 weeks ago now The day before the pain set in was also the day I learned herpes could be transferred from skin to skin contact and I was extremely anxious about it.

I went to my doctor and he inspected me and I had no swollen lymph nodes or anything like that in the groin nor did I have any lesions. I did have a wart on the shaft of my penis which was swabbed and came back negative for herpes. We did not check inside the urthera for sores though. By this point the burning penis pain had lasted 10 days. He also saw I had epididymitis and prescribed me alprim for 2 weeks. After 6 to 8 days the pain went down but then around 4 to 5 days after going away it came back to sharp for 1 to 2 days along with a fever of 37.4c. The increase in penis pain coincided with me being anxious about getting herpes though.

I spoke to my doctor about 23 days after the encounter and based on my physical exam (he examined me 3 times throughout the period) and what happened (he said without penetration herpes transfer is highly unlikely) he is happy I do not have herpes. My main concern now is my penis tip/urthrea pain was caused by herpes without any visible lesions and that just went away. I know Dr Hook and Dr Triple H recommend not testing for herpes unless sores/lesions appear but in this case I am not sure what to do.
Sorry I forgot to include this in my prior post. The UTI was done on 3.5 to 4 days after the exposure and was sent to a laboratory for testing where it came up negative 3 days later. Thankyou auntiejessi I really appreciate your time
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Sorry I forgot to add this. When I masturbated the pain did not hurt. Also sometimes it hurt to urinate and sometimes it did not. I don't think the pain during urination was super intense. Sometimes I felt better after going to the toilet and even wiping my penis head with toilet paper.
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I think you should get a prostate exam, or an ultrasound. I don't think anything you did here would cause a prostate infection, but it sounds like you may have one.

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Thanks for the response auntie jessie. I'll look to have one done then. Would it be worth getting a herpes igg test? I am very worried about it being herpes. The thing is I am better now so I think at least for the most part whatever the problem is has gone away.
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I don't see a big need for a herpes test. If it wasn't rough grinding, you didn't have a risk.

The thing with herpes tests is that there is a decent risk for a false positive. Unraveling that takes weeks, if not months, a lot of money, and it's worse if you don't live in the US, making getting a confirmatory Western Blot test very difficult.

I would suggest that you really think about an IgG test. You don't have any blisters or sores, and you didn't have penetrative sex, so there's really no reason to get the test.
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Cheers thanks auntiejessie. I might let it go then. As I said she pushed/rubbed her bum/bum crack against my naked penis. Grinding was probably the wrong word. I would assume there is little risk from the intergluteal sex?

I live in Australia so getting a western blot would be quite difficult. Honestly with how anxious I have been I don't think I could handle a false positive.

By the way is it true that Dr Hook and Dr Handsfield have not seen anyone get herpes without penetrative sex?
I forgot to add as well when I said I have no sores I did not check inside the urethera until the other day (which there was none).
I forgot to add as well. I don't think my doctor checked my legs. Only my genital and anal area. I think there was something that looked like a rash on one of my legs but I'll give him a ring to be sure.
If you had sores inside your urethra, urinating would be PAINFUL. I'm not a man, but from what I've read, that is serious pain. You wouldn't be here asking me about the possibility of something happening - you'd be screaming at doctors to figure it out.

I don't know (or remember) what Hook and Handsfield have said specifically, but most experts feel that getting herpes from grinding is mostly a theoretical risk, not a practical risk - as in, it could happen in theory, but the chances of it are really, really low, if any.

I agree that your anxiety couldn't handle a false positive, especially if you have no real way of disproving that in Australia. I think that working on your anxiety would be far more beneficial. :)
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