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"Burning question" herpes question

I've had some kind of outbreak near my waist line for about 2 months. I finally went to the doctor to get tested for HSV. I tested positive for HSV1 (which I already knew as I've had cold sores since I was a child) and negative for HSV2. For the last week I have been extremely anxious about the fact it could be HSV2, and I've developed a tingling/burning sensation in my penis. The doc gave me a cream for the outbreak that he said wasn't herpes, and it does look a lot better after 24-48 hours than it previously did. My question at this point is could it actually be HSV1 that I have had spread from my mouth to my genitals? Would HSV1 still cause the burning sensation? Am I just manifesting the burning at this point? When my mind isn't on HSV the sensation is not there.
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"Near my waist" - where exactly do you mean? If you mean by your hip, or on your stomach, this is really unlikely to be herpes. If you mean near your genitals, it could be.

But herpes outbreaks don't last 2 months. Also, since you've had hsv1 since you were a child, you have antibodies that prevent you from spreading it to another location on your body. That's called autoinoculation, and almost always happens with a brand new infection.

What cream did your doctor give you? If he said it wasn't herpes, what does he think it is? Did he give you a diagnosis?

"Am I just manifesting the burning at this point? When my mind isn't on HSV the sensation is not there. " - this is hard to say. I don't know what is causing your symptoms, is it near your genitals, etc.

It could be an anxiety thing, or it could be real - you would know better than I would.

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My doc didn't think the outbreak I was seen for was herpes either due to the amount of time I have had it. It never itched, hurt, or burned. "Near my waist" is right below the elastic of my boxers. It is situated in the very top of my pubic hair. He gave me Triamcinolone cream to treat the blistered area. He specifically told me if the spot was herpes that this cream wouldn't help. That being said, the cream did help appearance almost immediately. I'd be satisfied with the outcome of the test and doc visit if it weren't for the burning feeling that I continue getting randomly throughout the day.

Also one other thing.... My HSV 1 was 30. I don't actively have an outbreak on my lips. Should it be that high?
That cream is a steroid used to treat things like dermatitis, eczema, allergic rashes - things like that. If you used a steroid on a herpes outbreak, it would do nothing, and may make it worse.

For the burning, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, lay off alcohol and sodas/caffeine if you drink those, and see if that helps. If that lingers more than a few days, get that checked, but this isn't herpes.

Yeah, it can be that high. We get some members here that report results into the 40s. That number can also vary from day to day, but it doesn't mean much. You could have a higher score and get no outbreaks, or a lower score and get them frequently. It just means that you have hsv1, without question.

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