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Can HSV-2 "symptoms" show up on same day? How likely am I to be infected?

Saturday night I went to a public WC. I was a bit drunk and there was an old man who was using the urinol next to me. He was touching his penis, I got a little excited (I'm gay) and then he touched mine. He still had time to hold it with his fingers and pull my foreskin back before conscience hit me - he was OLD and probably full of STDs. I brushed him off and walked away.

A few hours later, I started feeling a tingling sensation on the tip of my glans/foreskin. Today, Tuesday, I'm still feeling it. Yesterday I got checked for urinary tract infections but nothing came up on the results.

Now I fear I might have contracted genital herpes... Yes, I know herpes takes at least 2 days to show symptoms, but before an outbreak there are usually 'signs' such as tingling/itch. I know because I have HSV-1 since I was a child (I'm 21).

From what I described, how likely to be infected do you think I am? Might this tingling sensation be prodrome?
I'm hoping this is all just stress-related but... :(
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Hi. touching as you describe is zero risk
Not zero for sure. Herpes is highly contagious. I do hope it's low risk though... I didn't even see his penis properly, can't tell if he had sores or not... I feel like **** :'(
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It is zero risk. Hsv is not a super contagious infection and STD's are not spread this way. You have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.
U sure for sure? What about the tingling/mild itch I feel? :(
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Yes we are sure and most most itch and the tingling is not related at all to herpes as appeared a few hours later and most likely from you touching and checking.
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