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Can Herpes Blood Tests Show Negative and be Positive

Seven years ago I had a small itchy rash on my waist and scrotum.  My doctor observed a couple "pimples" as well and diagnosed herpes.  I had a blood test which came back negative, although it was only 3 weeks since I had had a sexual encounter.  I have had a blood test each year for the past 7 years for all STD's and all have come back negative.  How accurate are these tests and is it possible I don't have it?
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These tests are 95% accurate and if you think you may have contracted it 3 weeks ago from your symptoms, you did not as these are the wrong areas for a first time outbreak to  occur.
That was the first time.  I have since been tested 7 times, once each year and it has come back negative.
That was the first time.  I have since been tested 7 times, once each year and it has come back negative.
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If you had an affair 3 weeks ago none of your past tests would be relevant but what im saying is that the locations that your having issues are not the areas for a first time outbreak.
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Several things: (1) Visual diagnoses are not completely reliable, I'm afraid. (2) The standard STD panel does NOT include HSV - you must ask for it specifically. (3) The blood test to ask for is the IgG type-specific test for HSV. However, the most accurate test is the Western Blot from the University of Washington - the gold standard and over 99% accurate, though more expensive. If you've been getting these tests done and they've been negative each time, you didn't have HSV at the time of each test. Hope that helps!
Also, I should assert that one can have a primary outbreak *anywhere* on the body, as a portal (cut, wound, tear, abrasion) in the skin would be sufficient for the virus to enter and cause an outbreak. This is why herpes whitlow presents first on the fingers or hands, rather than the mouth.
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