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Can I get advice about concerning std symptoms?

Hi, over the last year I have had some symptoms that made me believe I had genital herpes.  Some bumps in the on my penis that would come at times.  I have taken multiple Igg blood tests spread out over the last year and they have come back negative, and also have taken a full 8 panel std test that also came back negative.  I would like to move on with my life and not worry about it anymore.  However, the last two women that I have slept with have both complained of very significant pain in their necks about 2 days after our encounters, one without protection and the other with protection.  One of them mentioned feeling sick for awhile after too.  Neither told me about any other symptoms that they may have went on to develop, but i'm in contact enough with both to figure that we would have let me know.  Am I okay to move forward with my sex life or should I be concerned?  The doctors I have seen haven't been able to help much.  How likely is this a coincidence and what can I do to get a better diagnosis and be safe?
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Hi Testing negative multiple times means your negative and getting a pain in the neck after sex is very common also can upset the stomach and could make her sick if she ate before sex. bumps on the penis is not a herpes symptom.
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