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Can I have unprotected oral sex with herpes?

If I’m on my valtrex medication, and no outbreaks of course, can I give/receive unprotected oral sex?

Also i have hsv 1 but I’ve NEVER had an oral outbreak, what are my chances of spreading herpes orally?
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I'm confused as to what types of herpes you have, so I'm breaking this down.

You can receive oral sex if you have hsv1 only- though keep in mind that you can get gonorrhea and syphilis from that.

Even without having had an outbreak, there is a chance you could transmit it giving oral or kissing someone. If your partner has hsv1, it's VERY unlikely you'd ever transmit it to them. (If you ever have symptoms, avoid kissing or performing oral on someone, regardless of their hsv1 status.)

Why are you taking Valtrex? Do you also have hsv2? If you have hsv2 genitally, you can receive oral. It's POSSIBLE that your partner could get that orally, but it's rare. It would be rarer still on Valtrex.

You can give oral with genital hsv2, as you are not infectious from your mouth.

My question for you would be what kind of testing did you have? Did you get a separate test result for each type? Did it say something like "herpes type 1 - 3.9, and herpes type 2 - 5.6"? (Your numbers will be different.) If it only says, "Herpes type 1 and 2" or "HSV I&II" with one number, or a "reactive" or "positive", then you got a combo test, and you don't know if you have type 1, type 2 or both. If that's the case, ask for a type specific IgG blood test.

Hi sorry I should’ve clarified. I have both hsv 1 & 2. I’ve only had one minor genital outbreak and never had an oral outbreak
Can you get a copy of your test results? How was your type 2 diagnosed?

How was any of this diagnosed?

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