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Can a girl get herpes by giving or receiving oral sex if I don’t have any outbreaks?

I’m a male and have Hsv-1 and Hsv-2. Can I receive oral sex and give oral sex to a girl if I don’t have any cold sore or outbreaks on my genital? Is she safe from getting it from me?
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Yes. you can....
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Yes, there is something called asymptomatic viral shedding. You can still be infectious without having an active outbreak. It doesn't happen every day, but it can happen.
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Does that mean I can never have oral sex again?
Hello there. aunitejessi is 100% right. The  answer to your question is no. Now, I’m  definitely not here to lecture you but I would  strongly encourage you to educate yourself a bit more on  HSV this way you will be more informed about the virus and all the ways you  could potentialy expose yourself or others. You have a sexual  responsibility to yourself and your partner you are engaged with at the time.

Take care!
Okay, let me clarify this a little.

If you have hsv1, and give oral sex, your partner can get ghsv1.

If you have ghsv2, your partner can give you oral sex. Oral hsv2 is rare, and if it does happen, it rarely recurs and rarely sheds. Avoid receiving oral sex when you have an outbreak, and you shouldn't ever transmit this to your partner's mouth. (You should avoid all sexual activity when you have an outbreak, anyway. Even if your partner has herpes, you can introduce bacteria into your outbreak that can cause other infections.)

So no, you don't have to give up oral sex, but you do need to communicate with your partner(s). If your partner already has hsv1, they can't get it again, so just avoiding performing oral when you have an outbreak should be enough precaution for them to get it genitally. If they don't, they need to know that there is a chance they'd get it genitally.

I'm sorry that my answer wasn't clearer or thorough the first time.
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