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Can bad reaction to massage oil last longer than 3 weeks or did I get herpes

I have a huge foot fetish. unfortunately my pregnant  fiancée thinks its the weirdest thing ever and thinks I have a problem.

Becuase of her dislike for my foot fetish. I decided to go to a massage parlor and get the masseuses feet rubbed all over me, we did not have sex or any sexual activity except at the end she started to mastervate me. Becuase she enjoyed my foot fetish, she started touching her vagina and with the same hand she started mastervating me and touching the tip of my penis.

The next day everything was normal. The day after in the morning I was feeling horny and started to mastervate.. Shortly there after I started to feel a burning sensation inside my penis, I though maybe by peeing it would go away. The burning sensation stayed with me all day and the next day.

I started panicking and went to Clinic to get tested . Everything was negative. I still had the burning sensation and. Out of panic I requested to be tested for herpes. Three days later I got result back positive . I panicked and made appointment with urologist. He looked at my results and said that I don't need to worry because everyone will test positive on  the Img and igg . He said they were very unreliable and if I don't have outbreak I don't need to worry and can resume having sex. It is a relief to hear that but  its been hard to believe that while you have an on/off burning in your urethra. I went to see another urologist and he said he could not diagnose me becuase he did not specialize in herpes and he did not see anything wrong. For about a month now I have been staying away from my pregnant fiancée until I can get a sure answer. I called my general physician and asked her if I can get herpes from handjob if the other person has touched herself and she said no. So after my final conclusion I will assume I am okay.

Can genital anxiety make me feel like I have burning symptoms and can a bad reaction from oil take longer than three weeks to heal?
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I agree that you did not get herpes from a hand job.  Period.  However, not everyone tests positive on the IgG antibody test - if they did, why would anyone test?  Did you test positive for HSV 1 or HSV 2?  Do you know the numeric values associated with your results?    If you are truly positive for HSV 2 and your fiance is pregnant, this is something to definitely be concerned about.  I will help you more if you give me specifc test results.

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