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Can herpes cause swollen inguinal lymph nodes?

Can herpes cause swollen inguinal lymph nodes? The lymph node on my right side of my groin swelled up to the size of an oval shaped tomato. I have been diagnosed with herpes and have had several mini breakouts since my diagnoses. Is my lymph node swollen due to herpes? Now I have a swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck the size of my groin lymph node. Now I have one under my arm. Why are my lymph nodes swollen so? What's causing them to swell?
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Sir please comment on my concerns. I have diagnosed with hsv 2 after 6 months of exposure. my wife and myself, both have ob's from 2 to 6 months after my csw exposure. I could not able to figure out the lumps in my arms, chest and neck are these due to hsv. my GP said these are fibro.
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have you been seen yet?  If not, you really should make an appointment to be seen this week and have this all checked out.

lymph nodes swelling slightly in the groin area with a newly acquired herpes infection wouldn't be too unusual, your symptoms sound like far more than anything to do with your herpes.

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