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Can herpes look like circles with small cuts?

Woke up one day, had red dots that had cuts on the glans. Went to get checked up dr. Said it wasn't herpes got a standard std check up came back negative for everything except chlamydia. Two days later went to take hsv2 igg test came up positive at 1.31(waited 11 weeks and 2 days for antibodies) and negative for hsv1. Bought antifungal cream and I think it's been working. My question is "Can herpes look like circular paper cuts and is my igg test score 100% correct?"
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Hsv takes on many presentations. I assume you didn’t get these “cuts” swabbed?
The hsv IgG is never 100% accurate. It can miss upto 30% of HSV1 infections and 8% of HSV2. Since the spots showed up almost 3 months after your last encounter, it wouldn’t be a primary infection but your IgG score is in the equivocal range and should be confirmed. An HSV Western Blot will provide the highest accuracy for HSV2.
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You are correct, I didn't get them swab  due to the doctor indicating that it did not look like herpes. But what would be your be estimate on my igg being correct based on the info. Provided?  
About 92%. The IgG does miss some HSV2 infection. It’s way less accurate for HSV1, missing up to 30%
So your saying i should keep the score? I thought it had good odds at being a false positive.
The low index should be confirmed. You can test again via IgG or go directly to the hsv Western Blot through the University of Washington. It has a great chance of being a false positive. The IgG test isn’t perfect and can miss some infections but your score should be confirmed
Yes there are really good odds this is a false positive anything that falls between 1.1 and 3.5 should be confirmed
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