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Can hsv1 blood tests be wrong

Boyfriend and i have been together for 2 years .. I had my first genital outbreak a month ago . Swab test confirmed hsv1 while my blood work came back negative .. the doctor told us he was most likely a carrier and his blood work should show up positive, they gave him a "titos" test I think It was called and said that it's very accurate .. it came back completely negative ... I'm so confused . I just want to know where this came from . I havnt slept with anyone but him for almost 3 years and he promises he hasn't slept with another person since almost 4 months before we met , so 2 years and 4 months .. I can't stop thinking that he cheated on me ..
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The igg test misses 30% of hsv1 infections
It’s possible that your boyfriend has and has had hvs1 before you met and you where just recently infected. I would definitely not jump to any conclusions about him cheating. There is a lot of other possible explanations
I think the blood test he had was called "titos" but I googled that and nothing came up .. regardless , they said it was a more accurate invasive test and would show how long he's had antibodies in his system .. I'm not sure what blood test I had done since I didn't think it was herpes at the time . I plan on getting the same test he had done and hopefully it'll show up that I'm the one who had it first from the past ... the shock of having herpes is enough but now not knowing where it came from and wondering if he's been unfaithful is really devastating me ..
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I appreciate your response!!
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I would do an igg blood test for hsv1 and 2 just rule out 2. I don't know where the statistic of 30% of tests are missed. Everything I've read from doctors in this site say otherwise. They are fairly accurate at 12 weeks post possible exposure. No need to wait That long for you as this is your only partner for past few years. But even if he came back positive there's no way to tell really who have it to who
That is true for hsv2 not for hsv1 the igg test misses 8% of hsv2 infections and 30% of hsv1 there was a study done I got this info from two sources  I read a study where 300+ people were tested over the course of the year these people have their primary outbreak tested by swab followed by blood tests over the course of the year. And Terri w say it all the time.
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BTW I don’t agree with Rmd I don’t think you need blood test for hsv2 since the swab test already confirmed that it is hsv1. On the other hand you could have another hsv1 blood test at a later date and see if you have developed antibodies, this would suggest that this is a new infection. If you test again and it’s still negative then it’s likely the test missed your infection. The other option i know of is the western blot you can do some reaseach on it but it’s really expensive.
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The swab test trumps all other tests. If the swab test came back as an Hsv1 infection, you can  take that to the bank.

In addition, the IgG hsv1 blood test does miss up to 30% of infections. It was initially reported that it missed up to 10% of hsv1 infections, but new studies are suggesting otherwise.

It's very possible that your boyfriend has been hsv1 positive for a long time, hasn't known it and is showing up negative (falsely) on a blood test.
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