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Can primary herpetic gingivostomatitis be passed by indirect contact?

My child recently recovered from primary herpetic gingivostomatitis, now I am having a slight breakout in the genital area? This could possibly be an ingrown hair, but I'm trying to confirm. There is NO history of any STD's in the past and we have been married for many years. There are 3 small pimple like areas in the same region where hair had also be recently groomed & removed. Is it possible to innoculate another area by indirect contact, for example by taking care of our little one & perhaps when having dirty hands transfer the disease?
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Oral herpes is almost always hsv1.  Since over 60% of the adults around your child statistically has hsv1 orally and about a 1/4 of  your child's playmates having hsv1 - it's far more likely it came from oral contact than from someone's genital area/unwashed hands.  Oral herpes in childhood is very common.

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No, that's not likely at all.

You probably have folliculitis from the recent grooming.

If its not improved in a few days, then have your doc check it out.

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