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Can someone answer this about herpes

Once positive for herpes will you always test POSITIVE?
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Depends on the test used and what strain it is. The hsv IgG can miss up to 30% of HSV1 infections and 8% of HSV2 infections. That’s not because there isn’t antibodies, it’s that the test misses it.
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What does the numbers 51.80 means on a herpes test? I test 3 times from two drs.  
Dr a: results were negative went with symptoms which were a bump that was painless small no leaking no nothing just there
Dr b: said positive went with the same symptoms bloodwork no swab
Dr a: negative did bloodwork and swab
What do I believe
That is a very firm positive index value. Did the test specify if that score was for HSV1 or HSV2? Or was it a combined test?
I don’t know the time frame of your testing and how long after possible exposure you were tested. But that score is firmly positive for hsv, I just don’t know which type.
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