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Can this boil in my groin area be herpes?

I had sex with a street CSW who might be born a male ( i was drunk, but usually they are transgendered women where I live). I went through a huge hiv scare and stopped taking test after the 50th day western blot test since it was protected and my counsellor told me that the result would not change.This happened on last feb 2014. Now its december 2014, I never had burning urination or pain or anything. I ate green chilly sandwich today and for the first time i had burning feeling while peeing, but i guess it should have been because of that. I wear tight underpants and i keep wearing same jeans frequently as I am a fat person and it is difficult to get clothes easily for my size. I now have this zit/abscess/boil on my groin area. Not on testicles or on penis but on the side of by thigh and groin joint area. It is painful when touched. And i have thigh pain too. But i started having thigh pain after I masturbated yesterday. For the past few months i have been having trouble with over masturbation. So i feel a mild pain on the left side of my thigh and inner thigh. Can this boil be genital herpes? I have only had sex only once in my life and it did not even last for five mins.
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Almost certainly not herpes. Herpes doesn't cause boils. And the location is wrong as well; herpes rarely causes lesions in the groin -- but it's a typical location for non-STD skin infections, especially in overweight people. Almost always the first outbreak of herpes involves the place most directly exposed to the virus, i.e. those places that get maximum friction during sex. Usually that means the penis, vaginal opening, minor labia, or anus. And your other sympoms also don't sound like herpes.
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Thank you for your reply howard! Cheers mate :)
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I took at a lot of anti biotics after the incident. Fifteen days of taxim injection so that it could kill of any bacterial infection. Thought it might be syphillis as i took the vdrl test on 6th week which came negative. Thought the antibiotics might have had an effect on the result. Have been too broke for a long time for taking medical tests.
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