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Can you catch genital herpes this way?

Hi, is it possible to catch genital herpes from a toilet door handle? I touched the door to lock, then touched my vagina to insert my tampon a few times (with unwashed hands) or if a man touches his penis straight after locking the door?  
I did touch my vagina and all I can think of it’s all the people who could’ve touched there’s and then the door!!
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No, you can't get herpes - or any other STD - this way.

Herpes requires direct, unclothed skin to skin contact to transmit. This means oral to genital, genital to genital, or genital to anal - think oral, vaginal and anal sex, or heavy grinding or rubbing, without clothes on.

STDs, or STIs - sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections - are called sexually transmitted because you have to have some kind of sex to transmit them.

It sounds like you might have some germ phobia? You should check Amazon and other places for something called a no touch door opener. At least in the US, there are a bunch of different styles and they attach to your keychain. Many have a stylus tip that allows you to use ATMs, keypads, etc., without touching as well.

Counseling can also help.

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