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Can you compete in mixed martial arts if you have herpes

Can I still compete in mixed martial arts if I contract herpes type 1 or type 2 oral or genital? Is genital warts the same as genital herpes? Can I still compete if I have genital warts?
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genital warts are caused by hpv - human papillomavirus.

genital herpes are caused by hsv - herpes simplex virus.

yes, you can still do mixed martial arts with herpes, regardless of location. Ask to see if they recommend that you be on daily suppressive therapy during competition season - many associations recommend that you are to protect others.

genital warts are not a problem as long as you aren't competing naked.


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Thank you Grace! I've been looking everywhere for a answer to this question with no result. I was just wondering if I had sex with the wrong girl would my career be over. Do you have any tips to avoid STD or skin conditions that condoms don't protect against?
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Also what STD would prevent you from competing in mma or combat sports? What about MRSA?
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You did not have sex with the "wrong" girl.  STDs are things people really cannot control, especially if they do not know they have them.  If someone got something from you would you want to referred to as the "wrong" boy?
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The only real STD that would prevent you from competing in mma is HIV/AIDS.
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mrsa is a real issue nowadays. You would be restricted from competing if you contracted it outside of your genitals only until it was treated and gone.

not even sure that hiv can bar you from competing nowadays actually.

so how do you protect yourself in general from std's?  You be sexually responsible!  Talk to partners  prior to sex about std history, testing and condom use.  It's always a good idea for you and a partner to go have full std testing together before becoming intimate and make sure that herpes testing is included in it. If you are more of a random partner type person, then make sure you use condoms properly - the condom goes on before the clothes come off , not just wait before actual penetration to put it on.

have you had your gardasil shots yet?
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